Episode of the Week: Chuck vs The Break Up (2.03)

NBC Synopsis: MIXED EMOTIONS–former New York Giants star Michael Strahan guest-stars as the intimidating bully Mitt. Chuck (Zachary Levi) is overcome with jealousy when his nemesis Bryce Larkin (Matthew Bomer) — and Sarah’s (Yvonne Strahovski) ex-lover and partner — makes an unexpected return. Chuck and Sarah’s growing feelings for each other are tested when their latest mission requires Sarah and Bryce to pose as an extremely affectionate couple. Meanwhile, Morgan (Joshua Gomez) faces his own challenge at Buy More when he must deal with a gang of bullies, from a neighboring sporting goods store in the strip mall called, the Mighty Jocks led by the fearful Mitt.

Chuck This Ranking:   28
Dave’s Ranking: Better than that.

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The Break Up by Joe

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43 Responses to Episode of the Week: Chuck vs The Break Up (2.03)

  1. I’ve often wondered hi things would have been if Chuck would have let Sarah speak first in the fountain scene…thats what i love about the show there are so many “what ifs…”

    This was a turning point for Yvonne and Zac as actors and when I knew their talent rivals some of the best…I mean you know your good when you land in a marvel flick and most critics regard you as “the female jack Bauer! I wonder why it took Hollywood so long to wake up and smell the talent!

    • atcDave says:

      This episode definitely ends with a couple of brilliant performances.

      I do like the idea of Chuck letting Sarah speak first. I don’t think the difference would have been earth-shaking huge; that is, I don’t think Sarah was ready for her “shut up and kiss me” moment yet. But I can imagine something along the lines of “I like you, I like being with you, but we can’t be together”. Maybe, just maybe something even better like “we’re being watched, we have to be very careful”.
      I really like the idea of making Charah a couple sooner rather than later, but I think it would have been unlikely for anything major to change here. But maybe just enough encouragement to make Jill less of a disruption. Even if we assume Sarah is indeed smitten (and I believe her when she confirms later that she was); I think she still has enough control to weigh her career and Chuck’s protection more heavily than her own desires.

      • resaw says:

        Would it have been that much different if Chuck had allowed Sarah to speak first? Certainly, when she left Casey in order to speak to Chuck about her lapse, it seemed as though she was intent on saying something that would seek to move their relationship back toward the “purely professional.”

        Even so, when Sarah’s eyes started filling with tears as Chuck spoke those heart-rending words, it seemed like she was grieving the loss or at least the diminishment of the personal (not professional) relationship that they had established by that point. At least in her reaction, it seemed like she had not come prepared for a conversation that would take that particular turn.

        Throughout this episode, Sarah is saying and doing things that show how much she cares for Chuck.
        *When Chuck speaks with enthusiasm about posing as a married couple with Sarah at Hayes’ party, Sarah seems to smile with equal joy at the prospect…until Beckman, that is. *At the Orange Orange, Sarah tells Bryce, “I really think we should keep [the Anderson thing] strictly a cover.”
        *Chuck’s dismissal of Sarah’s outstanding appearance in the salmon-coloured dress visibly confuses/hurst her.
        *During the very sexy dance that Bryce and Sarah are doing, Sarah demonstrates to Bryce that she holds no affection for him. There is an emotional distance that contradicts the physical intimacy. Too bad Chuck couldn’t hear what Sarah was saying.
        *When Chuck laments to hospitalized Sarah that he always comes in second to Bryce, even in the presentation of flowers, Sarah says reassuringly, “Not always.”

        I have probably watched that scene in the courtyard seven or eight times. It gets me every time. It never gets old. Josh, Yvonne and Zac are indeed absolute treasures, but it still feels to me like neither of them have truly gotten their due yet.

        In the previous episode commentary that Dave provides a link to above, there is a conversation about the legitimacy of Bryce’s (and Casey’s?) perception that Sarah was not able to take the shot because of her feelings for Chuck. Much was made of the fact that she had been just been hospitalized with a concussion so the unsureness of her actions was quite legitimate. If that had been the way the story had unfolded, though, then we wouldn’t have had that courtyard scene, would we? Oh well.

        I agree, Dave, that it is much better than 28, unless of course as is usual when it comes to Chuck ranking math, we are able to squeeze 28 or so episodes into the top 10.

        These rewatches discipline me to watch no more than one episode of Chuck per week. I suspect I would probably be binge-watching otherwise. Thanks again for continuing to host this site.

      • atcDave says:

        You got at my exact difficulty with ranking this; my top ten list is 33 episodes, which this one is on.

        As far as what Sarah was going to do, obviously we an only guess. I know perfectly well the television wt/wt game ensures nothing really good will happen until long past the game is played out. But I think it’s a reasonable interpretation that Sarah was justifying to Casey that she could still protect Chuck, even with the feelings she had. And if she was ready to acknowledge that to Casey, perhaps she would acknowledge it to Chuck too. This is pure fan fiction sort of speculation, I know it would never happen that way on a television show. But I like the other possibilities better…

      • anthropocene says:

        Even if it had played out in the opposite order, that fountain scene in “vs. the Break-Up” was a watershed moment in the Chuck-Sarah relationship, and so well done! They admit their feelings for each other—Chuck verbally, Sarah by her responses—and yet acknowledge they can’t act on them. (With the hindsight afforded by the whole series, we can add “not yet,” but that was far from certain at the time.) No matter how many times I see it, I’m always moved by that little moment at the front door, when Sarah and Chuck look sadly at each other and then simultaneously “switch on” the fake happy faces. And it was noteworthy that Chuck pulled it off just as easily as Sarah did…evincing Bryce’s observation that Chuck was already becoming a spy. This scene was such classic “Chuck.”

        That one scene stuck with me so much that I wrote a scene in which Chuck and Sarah reminisce about it, while standing at the doorway of Ellie and Awesome’s Chicago home at the end of my “episode 6.06” fanfic—and there, they also could delight in the fact that they no longer had to fake anything about their relationship.

      • Wilf says:

        I don’t really feel that, had Sarah spoken first, anything different would have arisen. I always inferred from her brief pause to draw a breath just before greeting Chuck at the fountain, that she was about to say something hurtful and unpalatable, namely that they could never be together. Because of the surveillance around them, she would not have been able to speak of her feelings at the same time, even to go so far as to say that she couldn’t act on them.

      • atcDave says:

        Anthro I do agree it is so powerful. They both know they want something different, something more, but have no idea how to proceed for now. I think it does a lot to set the mood for the rest of the season.

        Wilf I don’t quite agree with that. For one, just the obvious, Sarah wasn’t really about to say anything. It was written that Chuck would speak, not Sarah. So whichever way we go is just guessing.
        But I still think Sarah would have said something less extreme than Chuck did. As I said before, she’s not ready to choose Chuck over career yet, but I think she would have stopped well short of “we can never be together”. Not that she didn’t think or fear exactly what Chuck said, but I think she was still trying to keep all the balls in the air.
        Basically, I’m thinking Chuck said what they both actually thought was for the best. But I think Sarah would have tried to soft sell it. To keep the “scam” going. Because she truly isn’t ready to let it go yet.
        So I think Sarah’s tears are because Chuck did what she knows she should have done, but didn’t quite have the nerve to do.

    • carrol.chuck.fan says:

      I did wonder what Sarah had in mind to say at the fountain. When she first appears on the screen, when Chuck cannot yet see her, she looks very upset and sad. Then, she composes herself and puts on a happier face for Chuck when she sits with him. I would say that she was very bothered that she has realized her feelings for Chuck might have put him in danger, but with the switch to a happier face for him, I am not sure I really think she was going to put the brakes on everything out loud. Plus, her face changes again during the first part of his speech to smiles and happiness when she realizes exactly how he sees her. I don’t think she would have allowed herself to look so happy if she had been planning to tell Chuck that there was no room for real feelings in their relationship in order to protect him. But, of course, it is all pure speculation at this point.

      • resaw says:

        But it is lots of fun, isn’t it? I’m amazed that I still find myself captivated by these two. I know the whole story but I’m rooting for them to find a way forward in every single episode. Despite my misgivings about the finale, maybe the uncertainty there (yes, I know some will disagree with me on the uncertainty) feeds back into these rewatches, causing us (me, anyway) to hope over and over again that they will finally, unreservedly, be able to be together.

      • atcDave says:

        Carrol I think I read it in about the same way.

        As Resaw says, it is amazing we still fuss over all this years later!

      • carrol.chuck.fan says:

        It is definitely fun! And it seems that we are not enjoying fussing over what should have happened with this or that spy plot as much as over the characters themselves and how they could have acted differently. Chuck definitely had such well drawn main characters really brought to life by the actors, which is how I got so sucked into the show. And resaw, I think I have to agree with you on how the finale feeds into rewatches of the show, at least for me. I agree with some here that it was meant to be a generally happy ending, but there was enough uncertainty about how Chuck and Sarah would actually go about rebuilding their relationship that it was unsettling. So, going back and watching how their feelings grew in the first place does play on that hope that they will really be completely ok in the end. Plus, it is comforting to see how strongly they were drawn together from the beginning.

  2. i don’t know about anyone else but I find playing the “what if” game extremely fun: for instance , what if Lou was removed and Chuck had kissed Sarah at the end of Truth…I personally think that may have changed everything…I of course never thought that it was believable that she could withstand the truth serum…and I think that a kiss instead of a “fake break up” would have been interesting…

    • atcDave says:

      I agree the “what if” game can be a lot of fun, Josh! Kind of a fun one you bring up too. I certainly would have been fine with no Lou, and I would have liked turning up the Charah heat a little. But of course, that is very early, and it sure would have been a different show from there on out.

  3. i’d say we fuss to this day because of the unrealized potential of this show and it was one that has many stories left to tell and if nothing else the finale is the catalyst for such stories…

  4. noblz says:

    This is one of those episodes I initially placed on the dud list, but on reflection I graduated it back to the normal episode list. It didn’t make my top 10(29), but it grew on me.

    I loved Strahan and from the point Jorge got fired to the end was first class stuff.

    I never have liked how they use Bryce to belittle Chuck, that really grates on me.

    I did like that Sarah definitively chooses Chuck (a couple of times) in this episode.

    The final fountain scene was classic Chuck.

    A lot of people ranked this higher than me and that’s fine. For me, it was middle of my middle (63).

    • atcDave says:

      I agree completely with saying its from the point “Jorge” gets fired that the episode just takes off. I put it on my “strong” list, because I think from that point on its terrific.

    • anthropocene says:

      I don’t think Bryce belittled Chuck all that much in this episode (other than calling him a “kid,” which was probably a calculated move). He quickly saw where Sarah’s affections now ran, and he grew in respect for his old roomie—both as a budding spy and for winning Sarah’s heart. I don’t think he had quite given up on getting back with Sarah at this point, but I also think his words to Chuck at the end were driven by legitimate concern for her and his safety, not simple jealousy.

      • noblz says:


        I didn’t say Bryce belittled Chuck, I meant TPTB used Bryce to make Chuck look bad. Every situation with Bryce is an attempt to show how inadequate Chuck is…in a parody sort of way.

      • Wilf says:

        I don’t actually that TPTB used Bryce specifically to make Chuck look bad or even to show us how inadequate he was. Rather, they used Bryce to magnify, in Chuck’s mind, his own perceived inadequacy.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah it always sort of makes me laugh how Chuck feels so unworthy around Bryce; but in the end, Sarah clearly chooses Chuck every time. Way back in Nemisis is sort of a begrudging choice, but here we see it more happily made. It’s like the early part of the episode is Chuck’s fears; and then, starting with Sarah and Bryce dancing, we see a little more of what’s really going on in Sarah’s mind. And it’s so funny how she takes Chuck’s comment “red isn’t really my color”, out on Bryce pretty harshly. She recognizes Bryce as the source of Chuck’s nerves, and I love it. Bryce just cost her a big compliment from the guy she’s really interested in!

      • anthropocene says:

        In this episode I’d still say they used Bryce to help illustrate how far Chuck and Sarah’s relationship (and Chuck himself) had progressed, not to minimize Chuck.

      • atcDave says:

        I think they tried to have it both ways. The beginning, they really make Chuck look bad; from a pathetic geek at Sarah’s door, through the disruption at Von Hayes party. But I like how it turns around at the party. As we see things more from Sarah’s perspective, we also see Chuck rise to the challenge and save the mission.

  5. oldresorter says:

    If anyone watched Scorpion last night, Linda Hunt guest star – all 4’9″ of her, I continue to think Scorpion’s marching orders were to copy chuck, the role was very ‘beckmanish’, although she probably was more like Q on Bond, still I couldn’t help but laugh.

    I read where Forever is trending toward the ‘will not be coming back’ region of tv viewing, here is an excerpt of a review on last night’s show:

    “It was all rather safe and placid, and probably not where the show needed to be when it goes on hiatus with low viewing figures. Three more scripts have been commissioned, and those writing them need to let the show get a little crazy, because it needs to grab what audience it has and compel them to watch. It’s probably time for other people to realise Henry’s curse, because there isn’t any point keeping that back for stories we’ll never seen.”

    Read more: http://www.denofgeek.com/tv/forever/32708/forever-episode-7-review-new-york-kids

    As far as this ep of Chuck, I used to hate all the Bryce episodes, but after how stuff that followed it was written like S3 or the final arc of S5, I think the showrunners were pretty consistent with how they treated Chuck and the Chuck / Sarah relationship. It’s taken me time, but I simply have to accept, there is much about how the show was written I didn’t enjoy. I think one of the new bloggers here mentioned untapped potential, that’s how I view it too. So while some parts of the show were ‘best ever’ for me, others were only so-so. When I view the show that way, i.e. its an above avg view for me, with some parts that are best ever, I’m ok with Bryce, with Shaw, with amnesia laden final scenes. It’s sort of what the show did. Two steps back, one step forward, right up to the end.

    • atcDave says:

      That’s really too bad about Forever, that really has been my favorite new show of the season. Nothing else even comes close. I sure do hope we see Jo get clued in. I also hope, even if it never quite gets to romance, we at least see some healing before the end for both damaged characters. Although, that said, this is precisely the sort of thing I have zero confidence in CF handling well. I just hope Matt Miller isn’t too much the protege.

      Which ties right back to Chuck and it’s untapped potential. I agree exactly with that assessment OR. The more time passes, the disappointments and failings of Chuck loom larger for me. Especially the whole S3 main arc (actually more than that, it’s all the lying and brain damage story too) and the amnesia story. I think Chuck had a great set-up, brilliant casting, some very talented staff writers and a good “mood” overall. But I think the show running was terrible; and my disappointment and frustration with that will be a lasting legacy of the show.

      • I myself have gotten hooked on Scorpion which is doing quite well. The characters are intriguing enough that i come back every week and the plots great!

        Dave i’m sure you know by now but I think much more highly of CF than you do and while the amnesia thread was rough I respect that was where he wanted to go and give the finale arc a B.

        My distaste for JS grows every time I think about the untapped potential of this show…its clear that he basically stopped caring in every way.

      • atcDave says:

        As an episode I might give the finale a B; but as a finale, D-.

  6. Naturally thats because it didn’t end but really that not a bad thing! To this day i’m not quite sure why I am satisfied with the finale because in all honesty I should hate it; maybe it boils down to nothing more or less than Chuck Bartowski gets the girl again and he’s the best possible version of himself when he does!

    • atcDave says:

      Yeah I’m no fan of the no ending ending. Anything less than the dream house and a kid on the way would be at least a partial fail to me. We’ve discussed many times how the ending could have been “fixed”, and I can imagine anything from the four word fix, that I think would raise it to a C; to a full episode length epilogue showing how all the main characters moved on with their lives and how Chuck and Sarah found their “normal” together, that would be an A.

      • The A criteria would not have been met regardless of the shows circumstances in S5 because per the DVD CF stated explicitly that compelled by Sarah losing her memories…I won’t deny he could have done it better but without the ending we got CHUCK would be just another TV show that ended to soon and fan fiction would be a waste of time

        I don’t envy TV writers every decision whether negative or not is analyzed by us viewers and I obsess over my own writing so much that if I attempted to write for a TV show i’d get fired for missing deadlines; of course i’d like to think that networks would miss out on a fantastic product:)

        Good T

      • carrol.chuck.fan says:

        When I first saw the finale and was bothered by the ending, I looked online, as did everyone else it sounds like, to see what the cast/showrunner thought of the ending and what happened next. I stumbled across an interview somewhere with Chris Fedak from earlier on when he talked about the fact that he was working on the story for the ending of the show and was going back and forth between a wrapped up ending and a more open ending. How I wish he had chosen the former! I think people would have enjoyed writing fan fiction showing how Chuck and Sarah still got pulled into the spy life even with their dream house and baby.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah Carrol I completely agree with that. I don’t believe the more open ending really did us many favors. There are many terrific shows, that ended well, that remain favorite, terrific shows. The ending we got marred the whole experience, and damaged the show’s replay value as far i’m concerned.
        A better ending would have been…. Wait for it…. Better.

      • atcDave says:

        I guess I should clarify a little on my feelings towards fan fiction. I absolutely love a lot of what’s been written; I appreciate all the different ideas on telling the story, and I love many alternate/expanded takes on the end and epilogue. In fact, I’m sure it will surprise no one here, that in many cases I think fan fiction is dramatically superior to canon (especially for S3 and epilogue).
        But that never means I’m pleased that canon, in its deficiencies, inspired fan fiction. I always wish canon had been more to my liking. I wish it had been better.
        S2 and S4 are the best seasons in my estimation, and both begat some outstanding fan fiction. So I don’t believe a badly flawed canon is required to get good fan fiction. In fact, there’s a joy much of the fan fiction celebrating the really good seasons that is often lacking in the stories written to fix fundemental errors.

        So I love fan fiction. I love fan fiction that fixes problems I had with canon. But I would have loved it even more if there’d never been a need, and all fan fiction was written from the satisfaction and celebration of a terrific canon.

      • anthropocene says:

        The only ambiguity in the finale that troubled me was whether Chuck and Sarah were once again a truly loving couple. If that had been explicitly established (requiring nothing more than a more visibly passionate response from Sarah as the screen went dark), I would have been happy to use my imagination to fill in all the other details. That one ambiguity is what impelled me to write post-finale fan fiction—something I’d never done before and am unlikely to do for any other program or characters.

      • atcDave says:

        Anthro I agree entirely that is the one thing I NEEDED to see.

        I am very pleased that you felt the push to write as a result. And I know Thinkling and Angus MacNab and others also felt compelled to write terrific stories as a result of the way it ended.
        But I’ll always wish canon had been more satisfying nonetheless. No matter how much good came from an unsatisfying end, I wish for a more satisfying end.

      • anthropocene says:

        I agree with you there, Dave!

  7. My keyboard glitched: Good TV is hard to find; much of it is very poor quality nowadays…

  8. Carrol

    That’s currently what I’m doing but I was compelled to do so because CF didn’t and i can’t say I would have done so if he’d given us the ending we’d preferred…

  9. oldresorter says:

    Dave / others a long rambling post, strewn in are a few Chuck related observations – two shows that I loved the eps this week are POI and Agents of SHIELD. LeJunkins’s fingerprints are all over Shield. For my taste, the relationships are not easy in the show, but I like how they are done, beautifully done IMO – so far.

    Trouble is, these types of shows are always one PLI / LI away from ruining themselves. Speaking of that, Brandon Routh is back to his old tricks, being brought in to ruin a fav show in Arrow. So far, I buy his character, and it has been done pretty well. IN general, I’m selling Arrow these days though, just not my cup of tea any longer, they keep telling the same story over and over, they need to resolve stuff and move on.

    I still watch Castle, and it’s been fine, but it’s finale last spring has me never, ever feeling the same about the show. Not that it did anything vomit worthy like Chuck s3 or s5 final arc, but still the car crash / wedding thing was equally as insulting and stupid.

    I’m not sure I always need resolution or progress, but I hit a tease / drag out tolerance limit with some stories. I was hoping Forever would not become overt with the wt/wt, but it is getting that way. Scorpion is completely overt. I would guess both will drop some sort of ‘two steps back’ move soon, because so far, they both are essentially taking maybe one step forward, no steps back each week.

    I think the best plot line for me is when the two leads start out far enough apart that coupling them up makes no sense, so the friendship can evolve for a couple of seasons without the obvious issue of why in the world wouldn’t you couple up. I wonder how Chuck would have gone if Sarah was with Bryce the entire first two seasons, while falling for Chuck, against her better judgement and wishes? Or had Chuck been with Lou the entire time, a nice, normal girl, while falling for Sarah, again, in spite of his protests along the way?

    The show that the two leads are really far apart, yet exude enormous chemisty is The Listener. The guy is portrayed in the show about ten years younger (he is roughly the same age as the actress real life), she is happily married, and had a baby last season, her husband is a good, but far from perfect guy who is not jealous at all. The guy dates, now has a girl friend, and has a Morgan like friend. I find this venue works much better, as the WT/WT doesn’t interefere with the weekly chemistry between the leads. Then they are free to have lots of issues with everyone else. My guess is the husband will get killed some season, and the story ‘might’ move forward? I thought Forever might have found real reasons to keep the leads apart, but more and more, the wt/wt is already getting annoying to me. And Scorpion is worse in that regard, just get on with it already, or give me good reasons not to.

    • atcDave says:

      Funny, I wasn’t aware wt/wt had even started yet on Forever. Both characters still seem so damaged, I’m not even looking for any kind of romance at this point. Although I would want for each of them to acknowledge the other in terms of helping them get on with life. But how Jo will find out about Henry is far more interesting to me than any romance issues at this point.

      I’m not completely thrilled with how Castle is handling the whole disappearence, and big dark secret from himself story lines. But for now I’m content to give them time, since I am very pleased the original show runner was fired. I would like to see more of that when such stupid and inconsiderate story telling decisions are made. You all know I would issued some pink slips for Pink Slip…
      And if I’m reading it right, there will be a Castle wedding in the near future, and I think that’s required for healing/restoring the fan base.

      With SHIELD I haven’t been terribly interested In any of the relationships, I actually find the other story lines more interesting. It would be my biggest knock on the show, that I haven’t really bonded with, or invested In, any of the characters. The whole Fitz/Simmons thing strikes me as tedious. But a lot may be that I am just generally less invested in television since Chuck. It is funny how the show left me spent, and more cynical than ever about how television is made.

      • oldresorter says:

        Dave two things about Shield since I bragged it up. I like the relationships in general, May and Coulson for example, not even a romantic one, but well done. All the characters interact in interesting ways to me, what I like, it is ‘seldom’ fairy tale romantic, the exception is FitzSimmons, and I like how this season they took their two steps back. If they were the leads, it would be awful, but since they are minor characters, I’ve like it. And they’ve done it with NO PLI’s / LI’s. As soon as they introduce one for either of them, I’m done, not with the show, but done with any interest at all in them.

        And I said forever is getting annoying because the only reasons for not moving forward are ones I need to make up, she is damaged and he is afraid to lose someone again. That story needs to get told and reinforced weekly, while he is oblivious to her and she makes googly eyes at him. As far as I can recall, neither has actually said that to anyone else on the show. Come to think of it, the lady has noone to talk to on the show to communicate her feelings to other than the lead, remind you of anyone or any show?

      • atcDave says:

        I sure hadn’t noticed any “Googly eyes!” I completely buy the baggage they both carry, I would expect it to take quite some time, as in several seasons before any progress occurs. But if Forever really is canceled this year, I only hope to see some meaningful signs of friendship before the end.

        I do agree it would be pretty ugly on SHIELD right now if Fitz/Simmons were major characters. I also like May and Colson as friends and old partners quite a lot. That is an aspect that was underplayed in the first season, and I think the show is richer for making the friendship close. But again, I see no need for a romance there.

  10. DuneSeaJedi says:

    So many great scenes in this episode:

    – Sarah is looking directly at Chuck (or so it seems) when she asks how she looks, and so obviously hurt by Chuck’s comment that “red’s not really my color”.
    – Bryce figuring out then and there that Sarah has feelings for Chuck. Watch his furrowed brow in reaction to Sarah’s hurt.
    – The fact that she goes to rescue Chuck instead of going with Bryce after the microchip.
    – The gardenias in the hospital, Sarah’s obvious joy in seeing Chuck and her “Not Always” response to Chuck.
    – Sarah’s hesitation to take the shot for fear of hitting Chuck.
    – The heartbreaking breakup itself, Yvonne’s stunning emotive reaction, and Zach’s unrelenting gaze and without taking a breath, “I seriously doubt that.”
    – Finally, the last scene in Awesome and Ellie’s apartment when Sarah turns to Chuck. The longing from both of them is palpable.

    I’m such a sucker for this kind of stuff.

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