Episode of the Week: Chuck vs The Fat Lady (2.07)

NBC Synopsis:  GREEN EYED MONSTER—JORDANA BREWSTER AND TONY HALE GUEST STAR—Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Jill (guest star Jordana Brewster) are enjoying the honeymoon stage of their rekindled relationship. The two lovebirds plan a weekend getaway but have to cancel at the last minute when Casey (Adam Baldwin) and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) inform Chuck that he is needed for an immediate mission to find corrupt agents in the CIA. Jealousy erupts when Jill finally meets Sarah and learns that Chuck and his handler must pose as a couple. Chuck does his best to reassure Jill that his relationship with Sarah is purely business but only finds himself in more trouble when his mission does not go as planned. Meanwhile, corporate efficiency expert Emmett (guest star Tony Hale) is out to get Chuck and interrogates Morgan (Joshua Gomez) to get some dirt on his best friend.

Chuck This Ranking56
Dave’s Ranking: I Agree

Full Write Up: Chuck vs the Fat Lady (2.07) by Dave and Joe


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16 Responses to Episode of the Week: Chuck vs The Fat Lady (2.07)

  1. anthropocene says:

    As Joe wrote during the previous rewatch, the last three minutes of this episode were especially memorable. It was one of the best montages in a series that did montages very well. It was also another terrific scene for Sarah, though it did seem, too, that Casey’s choice of words for his sarcastic comment, “We’re gonna do this again?” was as much an expression of displeasure at what Chuck was doing as it was a dig at Sarah. Her response was nothing short of heroic; one can readily imagine what was going through her mind and heart right then.
    After their discovery that Jill was a Fulcrum agent, there was Sarah sprinting up the stairs ahead of Casey with her gun already drawn. This wasn’t jealous Sarah, it was protective Sarah. Although Sarah was willing to stand aside for Chuck to pursue a “real” relationship with his ex, she intuited all along that this woman was trouble, and was always ready to spring into action as she did if proven correct. Luckily for Chuck.

    • atcDave says:

      Yeah, terrific episode for Sarah. Several key scenes for her, and the end is awesome.

    • noblz says:

      This episode is my favorite of the Jill arc. I would rate this episode at about 30 for my tastes.


      I agree completely and would go further that the interaction between Casey and Sarah was what was best about this episode. Casey clearly knows Sarah is compromised and uses every opportunity to beat her over the head with it. In so doing, some of the best Casey one-liners came from this episode.

      ‘You’re pretty nonchalant about your super computer boyfriend trying to browse someone else’s network.”

      “You sure you’re not just upset Bartowski’s found himself a new piece of asset?”

      “A common spy problem.”

      “Go ahead, I was thinking about shooting him myself!”

      “I’m not Sarah, Chuck.”

      and more.

      • anthropocene says:

        All true, noblz…I’m wondering, though, whether Casey at times isn’t just taunting Sarah, but (perhaps subconsciously) expressing stirrings of what would later be grudging approval of her relationship with Chuck.

      • noblz says:


        You’re right IMHO. Casey (in his proxy position of big brother) always approved of Chuck (and tortured Chuck as well). His statement in S3E18 is the final statement.

      • atcDave says:

        Casey admitted to some level of respect for Chuck way back in Truth. But it wasn’t until Beefcake it seemed clear to me he really was a friend, and in his own way, really was rooting for Chuck and Sarah.
        Still, I think it’s one of the more fascinating dimension to the “what if”; how would Casey have responded to an actual Charah romance this early?

  2. I think Casey proves that he’s pro Chuck and Sarah by the climax of Broken Heart…he knows their relationship is a double edge sword but i get the impression he wanted to tell Beckman off for bringing on the 49B and that he enjoys poking fun at both of them but my favorite jab comes in Sensei

    “This coming from the girl who can’t keep her chocolate out of Bartowski’s peanut butter”

    It was perfectly delivered!

  3. oldresorter says:

    This episode was right in the middle of some of the snappiest writing the show ever had. By writing, I mean the lines, not neccessarily the topic of those lines. So even if the topic of LI JIll was a bad one, the way it was sold and told was pretty darned entertaining. I wish the subject matter of season 4 had the witty writing of season 2.

    Another Casey / Sarah gem of a moment, can’t quite recall the line, but as Jill was determining the forumula for Rootin tootin, Casey said to Sarah ‘Now I see what the brainiac sees in her.’ I’ll have to see what the actual line is later.

    My problem with this little arc, ending in DeLorean, the writers went too far with the romance, such that reeling them backwards several more times was too much for me, such that when they tried it in season three, it failed ‘miserably’ for me. For some reason, the writing seemed to drop off too, again, not the topic, but the lines getting the plot sold and told, just didn’t seem as snappy after season two.

    • atcDave says:

      I’ll cautiously agree with most of that. Especially to say the wt/wt was engaging, and exhausting as S2 wore on. Had it ended at Ring, I would have called it the most masterfully executed example of the trope I’d ever seen.
      I think a lot of what you cite as the quickness of the dialogue plays in to the budget cuts. It’s that loss of polish I’ve mentioned a couple times. I think the loss of production time and personnel translated into a loss of sharpness on screen.

  4. resaw says:

    Such a good episode on so many fronts. I absolutely agree about the final montage. I just re-watched the episode and found myself again caught up in the tension at the discovery of Jill’s connection to Fulcrum. It never gets old. Wouldn’t it be great if they could assemble the group of writers and directors from this era, with a decent budget and make a movie (or something)?!

    I want to give a shout out to the secondary characters, the members of the backup band, as it were. I thought that Josh, Vik, Scott and Tony were on fire in this episode.

    Oh, has an sort of semi-official portmanteau been established for the Chuck and Jill relationship? If not, may I propose “Chill”?

  5. atcDave says:

    Okay funny coincidence of the week. Anyone watching NCIS:NOLA? Scott Bakula stars as Mark Harmon. Fun show.
    So this week Bakula’s daughter has a new boyfriend. Named Orion. I love it. I wonder if that was an Easter Egg?

  6. oldresorter says:

    Dave two interesting TV related things for you:

    On the Mentalist final season, here is the creators description of his final season (and yes, I’m jealous, as this is exactly a description of the ending I’d hoped for Chuck and Sarah):

    “Essentially this season is about what happens when life turns out the way you’d hoped it would, when you do have a happy ending,” creator Bruno Heller told reporters on a conference call last week. “What happens after that? Jane and Lisbon have been engaged in this epic journey for six years. … How do you create a different kind of life? And how do you create a different relationship out of a relationship that was borne in the kind of trauma that theirs was? … It’s the last hurrah for the show.”


    Then in a recap of how the new shows are doing, Forever was given a B by the reviewer, but one of the good and one of the bad are so ‘Chuck-like’:

    “The Good: A silly, upbeat whodunit, Forever is an easy, enjoyable watch if you just go with its ridiculous premise… The Bad: Forever can get bogged down by Henry’s mysterious stalker caller and fellow immortal “Adam.” A show that doesn’t take itself too seriously doesn’t need excessive melodrama.”


    • atcDave says:

      Although I don’t know Mentalist well enough to know if I would trust their “happily ever after”, no doubt I like the sound of that interview. And you’re exactly right, that’s what I would have wished for Chuck.

      I agree 100% about the good and bad of Forever. Fun show, fun concept, when it doesn’t get bogged down in melodrama.

  7. Christopher says:


    The Jill Arc is a lot more important timeline wise than you think. I love this arc for two reasons.

    I wrote an article titled Chuck and Sarah vs The Exes. In the article i wrote how 1. the Bryce/Jill/Charah relationship was the original trapezoid of the series. All parts eventually intertwine over time. What I mean is we have Chuck Jill and Bryce start the trapezoid in Stanford. Sarah laters joins as we know in 2008. Unlike S3’s version Hannah never got involved with Sarah professionally, whereas Jill did. She worked with Sarah and flaunted her new found love for Chuck in her face both professionally and personally. Hannah only affected her personally.

    than we have Jill apart of the story since day one. They met in 1998 the year Bryce and Chuck met. So its apparent that Jill plays a major role in the story. The only part from S3 that is important to include in this timeline would be Shaw since 2005 since he was hunting Eve’s killer. We know who did, but its not important for this article. Jill is working with Chuck they are in sync killing Sarah in the meantime. What I love about this arc is Sarah gets a taste of her own medicine in away when Chuck had to deal with Bryce in town.

    Chuck was suppose to just take it, So does Sarah in this case.

    What I find interesting is both Chuck and Sarah will eventually have to deal with a repeat storyline for example, Mauser and Red Test. Both Characters are forced to deal with the angst from the plot from the other’s perspective.

    in this case Chuck and Jill are huggy kissy in front of Sarah. It just heights Sarah’s feelings for Chuck and really the S3 Trapezoid doesn’t hold water to this one

  8. DKD says:

    My personal rewatch is months behind yours, but I watched this last night.

    I put this episode in the top third of all episodes. It is solidly plotted throughout. The montage at the end and the reveal that Jill was Fulcrum was SO WELL DONE. It was exciting.

    It has memorable scenes and memorable dialogue. The shower scene and Casey’s High C are two examples. But, I also loved that they gave Chuck more scenes where he showed that he had more to offer the team than just that he’s the Intersect. An example of that was solving the puzzles with and without Jill.

    Even the Buy More stuff is some of the better Buy More stuff. Emmit was funny.

    Another highlight is the scene where Morgan confronts Chuck about him not telling him things anymore. The line of dialogue about how friends lie for each other and not to each other was very solid.

    Solid, solid episode.

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