Episode of the Week: Chuck vs The Best Friend (2.14)

NBC Synopsis: I’VE GOT YOUR BACK— Chuck (Zachary Levi) helps a heartbroken Morgan (Joshua Gomez) spy on Anna (Julia Ling). After he flashes on Anna’s new boyfriend, Chuck, along with Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and Casey (Adam Baldwin), is sent to discover his connection to a dangerous gang. Meanwhile, Jeff (Scott Krinsky) and Lester (Vik Sahay) try to convince Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) and Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) to hire their band Jeffster! for the wedding.

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  1. Justin says:

    You skipped the thirteenth episode.

    • atcDave says:

      The air order is wrong. We will do Suburbs next week.

      • Christopher says:

        I agree Dave,

        Best Friend is an interesting dynamic. It puts in perspective First Date in a nut shell. Think back to marling, Bunkering is one thing, but death losing Chuck all together rocked not only Sarah, but Casey as well. It was really cool. I am currently writing a piece for my site called Sarah and Casey’s struggles with Friends and Family.

        Casey and Sarah really didn’t learn from The Truth what Chuck will do for friends and family, well in this episode they got the message clearly. As Sarah wasn’t going to let go Chuck’s hand despite it being in public. Sarah was standing next to the man she loved she thought she lost. Great episode a top 50 for me.

        Dave, I would like your opinion on my episode article, http://chuckaholics.com/2014/09/09/chuck-vs-the-best-friend/

      • atcDave says:

        I think just generally placing people ahead of duty is something Casey and Sarah will both struggle with to different degrees. Obviously Sarah will change more radically that way than Casey will, but both will embrace their humanity by the end.
        For this episode in particular I think we just see a nice snapshot of where they both are at. No doubt Casey is fond of Chuck, is willing to go out of his way help Chuck, and is shaken when he first thinks Chuck is killed. I don’t think we need to draw any more extreme conclusions from that, but no doubt Casey cares about Chuck like he would any good team-mate at this point.
        Sarah is clearly struggling more with wanting something more from life than just “the next mission”, and Chuck is the focal point of that struggle. And I like to think Sarah is already at the point where she would chose Chuck over duty if there was a clear choice to make (she would protect Chuck from a kill order; but I think that’s been true almost since the start). Really I think the most fun thing about this point in the show is just waiting to see what it will take to force Sarah into that choice.
        But in the meantime, Sarah is still a little unclear sometimes about what a true friendship looks like. And I love seeing her process Chuck and Morgan. She may understand intellectually (she acknowledges Morgan is Chuck’s best friend), but she is baffled by how radical that connection is. So I think its awesome seeing the end as she grapples with Chuck telling her she already has that sort of friendship with him.

  2. anthropocene says:

    This was one of the episodes that really sealed the deal for me as a fan (again, I’d only started watching at 2.06). The “Wannamama” montage, the “heroic imbecile” scene, and the end scene are all gold.

    • atcDave says:

      I can see where this episode would have sold any new viewer on the show! Its just fun all the way through, with a little well done drama just to show what the stakes are.

    • joe says:

      I may have been hooked earlier, Anthro. But this was the episode when I *knew* I was hooked (and that recovery would not be possible). 😉

    • Christopher says:

      The amazing thing is I read Yvonne actually broke her nose in that fight with Smooth. Yet, she carried on.

      anyway, there are a few episodes in S1 and S2 that make you say, I can’t see this one only once like others. For example, i can sit and watch The truth all the time, Best Friend falls in that that category. i love episodes that drive some plot along the way. Sarah and Chuck memorable moments are always are on the top of my list.

      Its the very reason I recently said on twitter, i don’t need Cliffhanger or push mix because Phase Three showed the world what Chuck meant to Sarah. That was my, wow moment. Seeing Sarah go through thailand to find Chuck is a testament to episode like this one.

      Look, she thought she lost Chuck for 5 seconds, and was devastated, but five days alone without Chuck was worse than a bullet.

    • This is one episode I will never grow tired of. Central for me is the scene with Sarah’s devastated reaction to the exploding Nerd Herder, followed closely by the scene near the end with Chuck saying to Sarah, “Yeah, you do.” I think I said more or less the same thing the last time we watched this episode, but as this episode is always worth another viewing, I figure I can be excused.

      Morgan said more than he knew when he said to Chuck at the end of the episode, “This is as good as it gets.” The enigmatic expressions on Chuck’s and Sarah’s faces following those words really leave me wondering what is going on inside. Great stuff. Perhaps I should watch the episode again….

      Russ (Resaw)

  3. A while back i realized i could recall every episode pretty clearly and that made me a little sad…knowing that i have watched the show close to a dozen times in a year left me mad at myself for squeezing it dry. I was one of the few fans who would immediately re watch the entire series after i finished it because i was captivated by the journey and inspired by the fact that Chuck gains the trust of the woman who can’t remember him…

    Putting aside the lack of an “ending” ; there is just something about the finale that, at least to me-feels right on a deeper level ; i’m one fan that loves this series so much more BECAUSE of the finale …

    the end of this episode is so amazingly spectacular:)

    • joe says:

      Josh, you just said something I’ve been struggling to say for a long time.
      It’s true. The more time passes, the more I feel that the ending was right, especially on a deeper level. I starting feeling this way when I realized Rivers and Roads meant something important.

      • I know that feeling the song is a big reason why I feel so right about the finale but if i HAD to pick another it would have picked oen your eyes by snow patrol!

      • Christopher says:


        I can’t make it through that song without tearing. Christmas Tv does the same for me

      • Christopher says:

        I honestly can say,

        I think I listen to more Chuck music than any other genre now. All the music is great. From Matt & Kim to Machito all great stuff. Frightened Rabbit is a favorite of mine as well as Blind Pilot

      • joe says:

        Christopher, I know what you mean. There are waaaayyyy to many songs I first heard on Chuck that are being used in commercials now. In fact, I just heard Cobrastyle (the very first song you hear in the pilot) in a commercial. They all send me back to the episode and the scene in which I first heard them.

        Gee! Even Lady GagGag’s GaGa’s Push It makes me smile now!

      • duckman says:

        It’s ironic you guys mention liking the music more over time. The opposite is true for me. I was actively collecting chuck music and building a playlist,,, and then the s5 rewatch just killed it dead. I used to love “take on me”. Now, it reminds me of the finale and just makes me angry again. Same with most of the other songs from the show. Guess I should have stopped my rewatch at s4.
        It’s pretty obvious this fandom is about as diverse as it could be in what we want from the show, or a movie. I could actually see a rumble break out at a panel for the movie, would only take a couple beligerant fans and I could see the rest getting wound up pretty easy.

      • atcDave says:

        If we get a movie I think most of us will get pretty excited about it, and differences will be minimized, at least for a while!
        There’s a few Chuck songs I still think very fondly of; and “Take On Me” mostly makes me happy. But I loath “Rivers and Roads”. That song makes me furious. Chuck ruined whatever merits it would otherwise have.

      • DKD says:

        “I could actually see a rumble break out at a panel for the movie”

        I’ve attended panels for movies and TV shows over the years and I find the most vocal “on-line” people never show up in person. The people who attend cons are usually pretty easy-going and fannish.

        The one time I fully expected controversy was the first panel for the new Battlestar Galactica before it came out. There were a group of people who were furious about changes they had heard about (“OMG, Starbuck will be a woman!”) and they threatened to disrupt the panel.

        In the end, one guy stood up and asked a challenging question. Ronald D. Moore deflected it very well and the rest of the questions were the usual softball stuff you hear at convention Q&A’s. No rumble.

        In Chuck’s history of panels, I attended seven (five at SDCC, two at other conventions) and the writers and actors of the show never got a critical question. Even after season three. I attended one in Chicago that was literally in the Spring of that year and heard not a critical word expressed at the panel.

  4. joe says:


    Not bad! I like it for that beach scene. Youtube places The Fray’s How To Save A Life on that same list. That too would have been a good choice if it had not been so overused by that time.

  5. I always forget about those! Creature Fear is perfect for the motel scene but what sold that for me was the acting!

  6. Christopher says:

    Guys, I have had this discussion with fans on twitter,

    here is my take on the movie. Last year Chuck fans had a opportunity to show the world we still want Chuck when Zac ran his campaign, and here is why it was failure in that regard.

    I know most of us saw the video Zac placed on the various social media outlets. The live discussions he did.

    I did a tally, Chuck has over 5 Million fans when you combine Twitter, Facebook, Reddit. Sites like this one and mine have generated a lot of fans. if 200,000 of those fans gave $5.00 for Nerd HQ it would of went a long way in Zac going to WB and saying see this is what I did.

    All he wanted was 1 Mil. to fund a Chuck movie would cost more than that.

    until Chuck fans come together and we clean up our house, we will never get that movie because WB doesn’t see the $$$$$. Now I love playing the waiting game because IMO we have 91 episodes from a show that should’ve been cancelled after two seasons. Three was great and the fourth was a miracle.

    We need to promote Chuck as a family not as a fan base. Think of the Trekkies, when Star Trek first came out it was considered a cult film. Now it has it’s own name trekkies as a word in the dictionary. Its what I am doing with words like Chuckaddiction or Chuckthirsty

    I am sorry I know I am ranting, but its because I care so much. I don’t consider Zac and Yvonne as celebrities I treat them like they are friends.

    Its what we need to do on our end. It’s truly hard to say goodbye because we didn’t….

    • You took the words right out of my mouth:) Zac and the rest of the Chuck cast are in a small group of people who are in show business because they love what they do.

      If we ever want that movie it will come down to EVERYONE proving that we want Chuck back and until then fan fiction will have to do. Anybody can start something but it takes a ripple effect to get the word out and actually make things happen!

      • Christopher says:

        The voice of the voiceless,

        It’s why I discourage harassing Zac and Yvonne because they don’t have the clout like a Kiefer Sutherland has with 24 . If Kiefer called Fox and said he was ready for another run with 24 they would move worlds for it to happen.

        Does it make sense?

    • DKD says:

      I honestly don’t believe the fans have to prove anything. The PTB behind Chuck just aren’t ready to do it. When things get revived, you rarely can tie it into a concentrated fan campaign. “Heroes” is coming back. What did their fans do make that happen? Not much that I’m aware of. The makers of the show just felt like bringing it back.

      As a fan of the Chuck actors, I’m happy that Yvonne is getting the opportunity to do other roles. Zac had a quiet year career-wise last year, but I’m hoping he gets some good roles in 2015 that aren’t “Chuck Bartowski”.

      Just because Chuck had millions of viewers doesn’t mean most of them spend a lot of time thinking about a Chuck movie. Most have moved on. But, that doesn’t mean they won’t watch it if it gets made. WB knows this.

      I didn’t spend any time at all hoping 24 would come back, but I watched it nevertheless.

      • Frankly i think there’s a better chance of 24 getting a full reboot with Yvonne as kiefer’s successor than there is of a Chuck movie happening anytime soon! Fox is a sorry network now..the NBC of 5 years ago…

    • Christopher says:

      @ DK

      One of the best thing about what we do is how everyone has there own feelings on issues. I did say all Zach needed was 200K to get one million. Not everyone has the need or want to help.you’re right fans shouldn’t be required to do anything, but if that was the case for every fan there would be no S4. On Twitter I see the fight people are prepared to do. Will anything happen most likely not, but have to try. Have to believe in a Chuck movie

      • DKD says:

        The Indiegogo campaign collected $336,784. It quite far from $1 million. That campaign had problems that had nothing to do with interest in a potential Chuck movie. As I said at the time, we don’t even know if such a movie would be crowdfunded rather than financed the traditional way.

        All I know is that if the day comes that Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak are interested in doing it, they will elicit our help if they need it. Meanwhile, Zachary Levi has a show in the TV development process that he would be an executive producer of if it goes forward and it’s not called “Chuck”.

      • Christopher says:

        Again, the campaign wasnt for Chuck, but it would of helped him if the idea could b proposed like Veronica Mars

        Its brainstorming, but I am on record as saying if I won the Lottery I would purchase the right from WB and give it to zac for free its what I would be willing to do.

        Its my passion speaking Chuck fans want more Chuck and Sarah moments

      • duckman says:

        I wonder what the rights to chuck are actually worth. How big of a lotto would you need to win? I can’t imagine there being much financial upside to the franchise at this point. It could have been bigger than bond, but it’s not.

      • atcDave says:

        My guess is it wouldn’t be too terribly expensive. But enough people have a slice of the action (Warner Bros, Wonderland, possibly others) it might get complicated.
        And buying the rights would only be part of the issue; you actually have to line up the talent and get it made!

      • Duckman says:

        Wouldn’t it be a blast to throw Robert Downy jr. Money at Yvonne (we all know that’s what she should be getting anyway), hand Zac an ironman budget, and turn em’ loose?

      • atcDave says:

        No doubt it would be fun to be able!

      • Christopher says:


        Would of liked to see Harry Tang and Emmett Milbarge square off for the BM

        I was also thinking last nigh, do you think Bryce Larkin was needed for S3

      • atcDave says:

        I was sorry they killed off Emmitt. Not that I liked him (!), I really didn’t. But I would have much rather seen Morgan and the Buy Morons take him down a peg. And if Harry made a guest appearance, even better. He did seem pretty soft…

        And yeah I definitely think Bryce would have been better in S3. Not that I necessarily would have liked triangles and angst of that variety either; but I think it might have not left it feeling like such character destroying, soul destroying idiocy.

      • joe says:

        Chris, I’d like to take a stab at this AU too, please.

        Even though I was mostly satisfied with White Collar, I would love to have seen Bomer back as Bruce Bryce in S3. It would have to be a completely different story line right up until Paris, though. The “about to go insane” character of Sh*w doesn’t fit with Bryce at all. I could see them leading up to a major confrontation between Chuck and Bryce, but it wouldn’t do to make it a physical one (with Bryce ending up dead at Chuck’s hand).

        Sigh. I can’t help but go on (inappropriately for this thread) with more speculation. Clearly, Sarah has to end up choosing Chuck over Bryce, and I would guess that after coming very close to winning Sarah away, Bryce dies saving her and Chuck. Orion could fit into that scenario spectacularly.

        I could deal with 12 or 13 episodes of that thread with an S4 of C&S getting engaged and S5 of them married – something close to what we had.

      • Christopher says:


        Its why I created Chuckaholics.com, It’s why you and Dave created Chuckthisblog. We all have ideas about how the show should of been or what we would of done.

        I wrote an article called The Chuckaholics vision, and Its plan was to unite Chuck fans across the world. We are a small, but a strong group of people.

        Bryce would of been great for S3 and i would of also liked one bad guy throughout the series. Quinn would of been perfect after all Bryce said Fulcrum was just on part of the ring, where there more?

        Decker said there was a conspiracy, which if we take what quinn said makes sense.

        There are so many open questions than answers and that fuels the movie people want to see. I often bring up Cheer’s ending as the perfect ending for me. What was Sam’s love– The Bar

        Sam got his bar back. If we could come together and form a Star trek like community, it would do wonders. Friendship could be born and with the way the world is going today we need more people like the Chuck family to unite.

        Dave and Joe, you and Chucktv.net have done wonders for the family, but if we were to create enough stir like the subway campaign, than a movie could possible come about. I am not saying tomorrow or next year, but the long we wait the longer we stand pat and hope. the more of a James Gandolfini event could derail that cause.

        I know you guys hate Shaw, but I actually like the character because based on the story at hand, he was needed for making Chuck become the spy we knew he could be. did it come out that way no, but Shaw was the only one able to make Chuck use a real gun.

        I am sorry for venting, but Joe, Chuck is one of those shows that has a following and even more now because of Netflix. A book just came out talking about the show. “unpacking Chuck”

        I also became friendly with Robert McNeil, which is awesome.

      • joe says:

        Friends with Tom Paris himself? Cool! (And did I just date myself, or what? 😉 )
        Odd you mention Quinn. In truth, my only qualm with the character was that he came out of the blue. As I was musing about Bryce in S3 above, I got to thinking that I would have enjoyed the Shaw character at the end, pretty much in same role but with only a slightly different story-line; no romance. He would have been very much like Quinn that way.

      • atcDave says:

        Joe you know I agree with that! My thought on Shaw is simple, dump the romance. That way we could have had a new spy in town, a mentor to Chuck, who goes bad and betrays his team. More of us might have even cared about the character and story then, instead of just doing a countdown until he left the show.
        First alternate, play him for laughs as a buffoon and moron. That could have worked too.

        But for so many viewers Shaw is just the character who destroyed their favorite show, and ruined a great television romance.

        And yeah I agree about Quinn. He was adequite as a villain. But he really needed to tie back into the conspiracy, Fulcrum, The Ring, something in a meaningful way. Some hint he’d been active, manipulating behind the scenes for a long time.

      • Christopher says:


        A lot of Chuck was out of the blue, after Chuck and Sarah’s first kiss boom Larkin arrives. Sarah gets Chuck’s degree boom Jill arrives. it was a lot of that going on. Casey warned the group about looking into Hartley files boom outcomes Decker.

        The stuff you and Dave said about mentoring Chuck is why I love Shaw so much. He didn’t give a damn about Chuck’s whiny tendencies. He told him get on the plane and complete your first mission, and to be honest Chuck didn’t falter too much with his flashing. only after he thought Sarah was killed by Rafe.

        Shaw was good for Chuck to become a spy, Shaw showed more respect for Chuck’s abilities then his own team. Dave, you made reference one time on how TB didn’t use Chuck’s strengthens at times Operation Awesome and Beefcake are examples of that, OA is Shaw’s first dealings with Chuck, so of course there is hesitation, but he did ask what plan did he have.

        Shaw telling Sarah about picking up the phone would one day get Chuck killed, and to be honest it came true in Fear of Death. Shaw wasn’t the bad guy, he was poorly executed. Quinn was a wasted character, and orion should’ve been on the series the whole time. I would love to see if he and Ellie could of fixed Sarah’s memories.

        God I love this show……

      • Christopher says:


        I don’t think S3 would of been a love triangle because the plan was solely around Chuck. Everyone else was left to feed off of two characters Shaw and Chuck. Face it Chuck really was an ass the first 12 episodes. How he treated Hannah and bolted on Sarah to be a spy. I would love to know what happen between Sarah saying meet me at the train station to being on the train station that made Chuck willing to walk away from Sarah is beyond me.

        But, how can Chuck say “I can’t then end up in bed with Hannah. If we want to say the one that came out worse in this supposed trapezoid Hannah was the one that got destroyed. She comes to Burbank to be with Chuck. Chuck lies and manipulates her into thinking they had something only to be screwed in the end. Not Chuck like.

        It’s def. not the Chuck we watch in this episode BF, We can blame the writers and that is fine, but the end result is we are stuck with the mess that is pink slip, I think pink slip really is two episodes in one. The ending of S2 at the pool, and S3 starts then.

        You could of done the same thing in the finale.

      • atcDave says:

        Oh no doubt Chuck was the biggest ass of S3. And that’s precisely why it fails me. I had gotten hooked on a show about a likable Everyman who gets sucked into the spy world. Then for one season he becomes an unlikable tool.

        But there actually is plenty we can do about it. Starting with just ignoring it. And there is a vast quantity of fan fiction that is vastly better written than canon. In my mind, it’s one of those dozens of better written alternates that “really happened”. I have no use for, or interest in, the show that ran during that time.

      • joe says:

        Christopher, I see what you mean, but I meant something a little different when I said “…out of the blue”.

        Yeah, the stuff about Bryce’s reappearance in Echo Park, Jill being an agent, Stephen being Orion and so much more were “unexpected”. I absolutely love going back to find the clues that tie them into the story long before we ever see the characters.

        But Quinn is different. For him, there was no tie-in that I could see. It made him feel “tacked on” to the end, a character who’s only purpose was to separate Sarah from her experiences in Burbank.

        Shaw was tied in much better, much more organically, I thought, because of the way they tied him to the Ring. Quinn had no such vehicle to ride.

        I can’t help but think that Bryce was supposed to carry on in S3 to do a lot of what Shaw wound up doing (which is why the romance probably seemed more logical to the insiders than it did to us). Bryce wasn’t going to go insane, I don’t think. But he would have been a much more realistic challenge to Charah, yes? It was probably a good move for him, but Bomer’s leaving for White Collar put the kibosh on that.

      • duckman says:

        S3 Bryce would have made more sense on paper, But I was done with the bryce angst in s1. I can’t know what might have been, But I suspect s3 bryce might have just left me uninterested in the show. I suppose uninterested is worse that frustrated and angry.

      • oldresorter says:

        I was happy Shaw was the s3 angst source. IMO this ended the wt/wt for the showrunners. Had s3’s male angst source ‘worked’, IMO the show would have been a wt/wt until the final credits rolled. IMO this showrunning crew really struggled with how to ‘big’ picture a long term no angst story, and somewhat began repeating the same main story – Sarah the damsel in distress or at least in distress (handcuffed end of s3, sent away s4x12, norseman’d end of s4, chained and beaten silly in s5’s shaw ep, and given amnesia for the final two eps, never to fully recover. While Sarah struggled, Chuck still was the bumbling, stumbling hero who finds a moment of two of serious clarity just in time to save the day. This was not the ‘fun’ stuff this pair of characters could have pulled off for me, and near always left me unsatisfied, even as I was pleased the writers didn’t introduce another leading man to generate angst.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah Duckman you know I agree completely with that. I really liked the Bryce story NinjaVanish proposed back in one of our Alternatives posts (Pink Slip I think?). He kept it as a Bryce/Sarah friendship, and I thought it worked brilliantly. With their established history as partners and co-workers, AND Bryce’s friendship with Chuck, it made some sense for Sarah to go to Bryce with her concerns over how Chuck was changing. Even if Bryce was largely responsible for it, I could see Sarah thinking she could discuss the issue with him.
        Compared to Sarah just striking up a relationship with the man who was ruining Chuck, THAT was insulting and idiotic.

        Ultimately I think the real source of the angst issues on Chuck was JS. I think he only knew how to tell the one sort of story, and by S3 it’s time had passed.

        OR I don’t quite agree with saying I’m glad for Shaw; but I am glad the Shaw story failed as badly as it did. Exactly as you said, they never tried that sort of lunacy again. I suspect it also meant JS lost interest in this show and this audience, and that is all good!

      • atcDave says:

        Okay I just tracked down that comment by NV where he talks about how much of a good fit Bryce would have been for the S3 main arc. With few changes, except deleting the romantic angle. It was really a fun alternative. It’s about a third of the way down in comments for The Long Wait.

  7. For me nothing heard on Chuck is better than A question and an Answer…that melody is so perfect it makes me love every scene it was used in so much more:) Tim Jones wrote one of the greatest piano melodies of all time!

  8. Chris
    I agree with you 100%

  9. oldresorter says:

    How can there be 20 eps better than Best Friends? This is one I liked first time, every time, didn’t have to put much effort into finding reasons or ways to like this one. The hand holding at the end, powerful stuff, YS at her best with the non verbal, interpret this however the heck you wish, look on her face. Confusion? Passion? Friendship? I love Chuckie, and I don;t know what to do about it? Who knows?

    I suspect other threads may have reported this, as its a sept link, but if Supergirl is made, at least in this report, Ali Adler might be involved. How cool would an Alder / YS reunion be? Might no longer be relevant, but noticed it while reading an article about the arrow.


    Finally, Scorpion really threw the gaunlet down this week on normal life vs the exciting spy / smart guy catching bad guys and saving the world life. This theme could last near the entire duration of the show, with McFee’s ex coming back into her and her sons life providing the pull to normal, while the Chuck-like lead Walter is pulling her and her son into the save the world life. I don’t think a show has ever done that issue well, but Scorpion has a chance at it, simply by the way the show is set up. Stay tuned.

    • atcDave says:

      I’m okay with ranking this at 21 because I have 32 episodes on my top ten list! But no doubt it’s a terrific episode.

    • Scorpion is my Chuck substitute! It gets a post football this coming week and then airs in its regular slot the next day! its a gem of a show so i hope it sticks and makes it to syndication!

  10. oldresorter says:

    Oh and I forgot to mention for Dave’s sake, Covert Affairs got axed, right in the middle of a huge cliffhanger, which pretty much left everything unresolved. Think Chuck ending somewhere between Mask’s staircase and the final bedroom scene in Final Exam, that’s how incomplete it was. Feel sorry for the fans, and not sure what I feel about the showrunners, or lets say rather than say something that seems to fire up those who don’t like me, I’ll leave it at I feel sorry for the fans of the show. I hope the crappy ending does not get the show a movie chance, but it wouldn’t shock me. Dave I guess you were right in getting out of that show early.

    • atcDave says:

      Yeah I saw that news, it sure makes me glad we quit a couple seasons back!

      The whole season ending cliffie thing makes me angry anyway (seriously, I have better things to do with my summer than remember where this stupid show was at…) that, along with grossly overused wt/wt, love triangles, evil twins and amnesia stories are the most tired devices on television.

    • Justin says:

      I heard about that too. I was hoping Auggie and Annie would get together before the show ended. But unfortunately not. It frustrated me how they screwed up Auggie and Annie’s romantic relationship just when it was having a promising start in Season 4. It frustrated nearly me as much as the travesty of Chuck and Sarah’s relationship in Season 3.0.

      • atcDave says:

        That’s a big part of what I hold against the prolonged wt/wt game. Pay off is defered until fans loose interest, the show is canceled, the potential is never realized…
        So sad.
        At least we got better with Chuck. Even if Wt/wt was still dragged out a season too long.

  11. CaptMediocre says:

    The hand porn at the end of this episode is excellent.

    After Cougars, this is one of the best episode final scenes of the show.

  12. Martin Traynor says:

    I enjoy Scorpion, but as of late haven’t really been that glued to it. I am still very much enjoying Forever, and it seems to have a few Chuck Alumni running it (like Fedak, of which I’m wary).

    One thing I like about this episode is the struggle I see in Sarah when it comes to Chuck’s devotion to his friends. Sarah basically lambastes him for choosing friends over duty, but I think her yelling at him is really her trying to deal with her own conflicting feelings when it comes to Chuck, because I’m pretty sure by now that she would choose him over duty. Heck, Casey might too by this point!

    A great episode, and I almost like to see Chuck “turn” on Morgan. Let’s face it, the bearded one needed a metaphorical (if not physical) slap in the face at least once an episode. Well, he gets it good here.

    • atcDave says:

      I agree exactly on Scorpian and Forever Martin! Both are fun shows, but Scorpian strikes me as more than a little cheesy. Forever has been much more “appointment television” for us. CF’s involvement makes me nervous, but so far, I’ve enjoyed the product very much.

      Really excellent point about Sarah’s conflict here! I hadn’t quite looked at it that way, but I think you’re exactly right. Sarah’s discomfort with her own conflicted feelings may play large in her being so hard on Chuck. And Chuck’s confidence, and moral clarity on the issue can only help her deal with things herself.

  13. Martin Traynor says:

    Yes. I hadn’t thought it out that far, but I can definitely see Chuck being the lighthouse guiding Sarah through those uncharted waters of friendship and personal loyalty, and above all, love. I think that’s what appeals to me most about this show, is that you have a super spy introducing, guiding and saving the nerd in her world, and the emotional family man nerd type doing the exact some for her.

    it’s cliche and has been said a million times here and elsewhere, but they really are better together and complete each other.

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