Fan Fiction — Its Been a While!

This is the first Fan Fiction themed post I’ve done this year!  It remains, by far, the most popular subject for external links from this site.  But not surprisingly, things have slowed down a lot.  Slowed down never quite means stopped though.

So after the jump, a look at some of what I’ve been reading in the last few months.

By now I’m sure you all know my usual disclaimers on this.  I don’t read every Chuck story posted at, I try to vet stories some.  I like stuff that’s fun and/or sweet, and a good end for Charah is a requirement.  Readers are always free to comment on their own favorites, and I’ve found many I now like quite a lot thanks to recommendations from other fans; that often means stories I initially rejected for some reason or another.  Even if its something I’ll never go for, it pleases me that this community is still active and creative.

The first I’ll recommend is a long one-shot.  Its “Chuck vs The Crosswalk” by WvonB. Its set during Season Two and starts with a last minute mission.  This is all well written and conceived.  It would have fit in nicely with my “Early Romance Alternative” post from a few months back.  It starts with plenty of tension and uncertainty like we so often saw during this time period, but comes up with a very satisfying resolution.  It would be rated PG-13 for getting a little suggestive, but nothing too “adult”.  Allow an hour or so to read.

Next up is “Chuck vs a Cup of Coffee” by Shutupnkissme313.  This is another Season Two alternative that has Sarah being reassigned after her 49B.  But the story actually starts up with Sarah ready to return to Chuck after 18 months apart.  The 18 months apart have been dramatic and tough for both of our main characters, and even though the story is framed as a conversation between them it is pretty action packed. I would also rate this one PG-13, but this time its more the violent aspects of the story.  This would take a couple hours to read.

Chuck vs the Skins Game” by Angus McNab is another meaty one-shot.  This is set during the long break between Season One and Two, and features Team B on a mission to Hawaii where we discover Chuck can play golf (!).  This is mostly all in fun, there is a bit of playful flirting for our favorite characters and a little bit of action and drama.  In the end this is mostly canon compatible.  I’d still call this PG-13, but maybe closer to R in places. It can be read in less than an hour.

The next one was particularly powerful for me, “Losing Your Memory” by Rebecca Flynn.  This is set 40 years into the future, and Chuck has developed a serious problem.  This one is much less “happy” than I normally recommend, its about the very normal issues of growing old together.  This hit me personally since my mom recently entered a memory care facility, and seeing the impact this has on dad is heartbreaking.  Having Sarah try to protect Chuck from his final enemy tore me up.  This would only be rated PG, but tissues are required.  It could be read in 15 minutes.

An on-going epilogue story/series has also been started by willynilly23.  This has to be described as fluff, but its always nice to see some post-series fluff!  I linked the author’s page so readers can see all the titles.  So far there’s only two, but this looks like it may run a while.  There has been talk of missions and trouble, but the clear emphasis is on a healing marriage.  I would rate it R for some steamy stuff.

One Final Mission” by Wade1978 starts with a lot of grief.  Sarah took the new Intersect mission with Bryce after the Season Two finale.  Well, slightly different finale; no new intersect for Chuck, and Chuck and Sarah shared a more fitting goodbye.  But a year and a half later Chuck gets the call that Agent Walker has been killed in action and he is the recipient of her spy will.  This sounds a lot like a one-shot I recommended years ago! (“Chuck vs the Funeral of Sarah Walker” by Mystlynx).  There are some obvious similarities, but this story is far more developed and involved.  If the first provided an intriguing hook, this story is more complex and provides more answers.  You know it won’t end so dark if I recommend it!  I would rate it PG-13 mainly for the intensity of the first few chapters.  It could be read in a couple hours.

And I think that’s enough for now!  I have a couple others in mind, so I may post again soon.  Also notice there are now a few “Forever” stories on my favorites list.  I mention that here because first, there is an obvious Chuck/Forever connection with show runner, producer and some staff.  And second because I think Forever ended with a wonderful, intriguing moment.  “Its a long story” is obviously compelling, and Forever viewers will know how painfully true that statement is.  So imaging how Henry’s story may have gone, and how Jo might have received it is perfect fodder for fan fiction.  I’m sure many readers will enjoy this different setting.

~ Dave


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I'm 54 years old and live in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I'm happily married to Jodie. I've been an air traffic controller for 31 years; grew up in the Chicago area, and am still a fanatic for pizza and the Chicago Bears. My main interest is military history, and my related hobbies include scale model building and strategy games.
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6 Responses to Fan Fiction — Its Been a While!

  1. Garnetflint says:

    Sad to say that the stories you mentioned are great, but gone are the days where it was impossible to keep up with all the new stories. I’ll put in a plug for Ronnie1985’s El Capitan. I think it is his best and most engaging story so far. I second the suggestion of Angus’s Golf story…alot of fun to read. Recently I have been rereading MarcVun Kannon’s 9-5 season 1 and it is a lot of fun…and gasp…a happy ending . Becoming remains a remarkable story from Arya’s prayers, and Finally for now, The Detective and the Tech Guy from dettiot and Steampunkchuckster under the name “thecharleses” is also coming along nicely.

    What I’d love to see would be a listing of some of the best stories of all time…I’m sure I’ve missed one or two!

    • atcDave says:

      Selecting best of all time would be tough! We all have such differing taste. Obviously I point to my own favorites list, but I won’t begin to claim those are objectively the “best”; only the stories I most enjoyed. My “Alternatives” posts may be a better source, but again, that’s just me. You can always go to the “forums” link from the Chuck ff page and check out the Awesome Award nominees and winners, but that hasn’t been updated for several years now.

      I guess the good news is, it’s easier to keep up with what’s out there now. At least to know what all is going on (I’m at least familiar with everything you mentioned, even the ones I decided aren’t for me!).

  2. uplink2 says:

    I have to add DanDanger1’s epic only 5 chapters but almost 150k words lol And I thought I was long winded in my chapters. It really is a great story and well worth the time to read.

  3. Martin Traynor says:


    I very much appreciate your list and recommendations. I’m personally not a fan of my favorite couple being separated for any length of time, so I’ll likely skip a few of those stories mentioned, but I am about to finish up WillyNilly23’s first story, and I must say that it’s pretty fantastic. He really writes the characters well, and the story is fluff, which is exactly what I want after a not-so-fluffy finale. For those interested, it’s called “Your Lips on Mine,” and I’m about halfway through the last chapter – and loving every minute of it. Like you say, he only has two Chuck stories (and about 60 for Covert Affairs) – so I hope he adds more to the Chuck repertoire!

    • atcDave says:

      I tolerate little or no separation from S3 on; but I’m pretty open to having to fight for it in the first two seasons.
      In particular, “One Final Mission” mentioned above does an outstanding job of integrating things we later learned about Sarah’s backstory into explaining why she felt she had something to finish. It really is a very satisfying alternate.

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