Episode of the Week: Chuck vs The Balcony (4.11)

NBC Synopsis: CHUCK PLANS A SECRET MISSION WHILE ON ANOTHER SECRET MISSION IN FRANCE — When an assignment brings him to a French vineyard, Chuck (Zachary Levi) juggles tracking down a nano-chip with trying to create the perfect romantic getaway for Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski). Back at the Buy More, Lester (Vik Sahay) comes to Big Mike (Mark Christopher Lawrence) for his own romantic problems.

Chuck This Ranking: 34
Dave’s Ranking: A little higher

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I'm 54 years old and live in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I'm happily married to Jodie. I've been an air traffic controller for 31 years; grew up in the Chicago area, and am still a fanatic for pizza and the Chicago Bears. My main interest is military history, and my related hobbies include scale model building and strategy games.
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56 Responses to Episode of the Week: Chuck vs The Balcony (4.11)

  1. authorguy says:

    I think I remember some of this episode. No wait, that was angst about a proposal he didn’t even need to make, and Sarah suddenly going rogue for no reason. Never mind

  2. Justin says:

    Good thing about this episode was Chuck and Sarah being finally open with each other about marriage. The one bad side is that they didn’t have time to go through with the proposal before Sarah got taken. It would have been nice to put that bit of business to bed before moving on to the intrigue and drama.

    • atcDave says:

      Yeah you know I agree 100% Justin. I think this episode was mostly a lot of fun. Its one I actually like better in the “full context” than I did when it first ran. It actually delays things only slightly, and the proposal we finally did see was sweet and simple.

      BUT; I would have preferred if this episode had ended on an up note. It could have been one of the greats. Not quite Honeymooners, but maybe Seduction Impossible or Role Models good.
      If only it had ended on a joyful note. I can call it strong even, but it could have been great.
      There’s just no reason why Gobbler couldn’t have started with Sarah’s arrest, that could have been jarring enough. But to end it like this here, well, its just a darn shame.

      • Justin says:

        Yeah, Gobbler could have began with Chuck and Sarah in the midst of planning their future wedding until Sarah got arrested.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah easily.

      • oldresorter says:

        That might have greatly improved two episodes, the planning the wedding part, along with the black cat suit visit becoming ‘conjugal’ in nature, might have made ‘gobbler’ a turkey in name only, instead of name and actual on screen performance.

  3. Martin Traynor says:

    When watching it for the first time, I remember being worried that they were going to give Sarah the Frost treatment, i.e. that she would get lost in Volkoff-land for a looong time. So glad it only lasted for a few episodes.

    I, too, would have liked a proposal at the end, but I can’t say I was all that surprised by not getting one, even the first time around. Disappointed? YES. But not surprised, given the on again, off again angst TPTB had put us through the first 3 years, at least. So I wasn’t as disappointed as I could have been, anyway. But yes, they deserved a proposal there…

    I think my favorite parts were when Sarah took over the proposal sub-mission (not so much her interaction with Morgan, which WAS great, but her dedication to making it work…for Chuck…and herself), and when Casey sat down next to Morgan to help along the proposal (I knew he was pro-C/S all along!). The team was really working together in this one, even though they were all working separately – just toward the same goal.

    Lots of fun episode, but kicks off a less-than favorite arc (again, never did/do like when Chuck and Sarah are split up, even if only geographically).

    • atcDave says:

      I completely agree about the “split up”. The show simply works better when Chuck and Sarah are on screen together. That’s the heart and soul of the show. This separation is not a big deal; but it doesn’t exactly generate a very exciting next episode either.

      • oldresorter says:

        Thew ‘split up’ appears to be one of the favorite tools in the angst writers playbook – just ask Rick Castle. This episode seemed too goofy to end on such a sour note. But I suspect the showrunner was really happy with the ending, it was a very 11th ep type ending compared on both sides to the final exam and the bullet train.

        I would guess the theory is the angst and drama draws fans to anticipate the final two eps and to create maybe some media frenzy. Anyhow, this ep felt alot like Bullet Train (or the Roan Montgomery ep that ended with Bryce) … to me all 3 of those eps easily could have made top ten joining the 20 others residing there, b4 the ending sent the ep plummeting toward mediocrity.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah, although I’m not so completely down on some of those, no doubt I’d have liked every one of them better if they’d ended in a happier place.

        I am sure the sour twist works well for certain types of shows and audiences, but it never works well for me.

    • authorguy says:

      It should have lasted longer. The need to keep the audience happy by never having C&S too far apart worked at odds with the story, which required it. The way they did it, with a quick tossed off line about weeks having passed was the worst way they could have done it. It had no emotional weight, C&S were apart for what felt like five minutes, and the appearance of a quick resolution to the Volkoff mission just made Frost’s 20-year absence look like incompetence. But they were stuck sucking up to the shipper-crowd at that point and the whole show went down the toilet as a result.

      • atcDave says:

        I completely disagree with that assessment. The show suffered for going too dark for too long in S3. As a result, they expended every bit of fan goodwill. The show was at a tipping point by mid-S3. Any further game playing with the heart of the show would have finished things off immediately.
        If they had told a more satisfying story that season they would have had far more leeway in telling more dramatic stories over the life of the show.
        Now that said, Chuck was a comedy. Speaking for myself, I never wanted it to tell particularly dramatic stories. Right from the Pilot, watching Chuck and Sarah figure each other out was THE most compelling part of the show. The spy story was secondary. Maybe tertiary (after Charah and family). So keeping Chuck and Sarah apart for any period of time could only be a mistake. Separation only works if the story is fighting to be reunited. And that always needed to be a short story.

  4. I’ve been missing from the commentary for the last few episodes. I still find it a bit hard to get excited about season 4, but I managed to catch up finally (I’m still watching every episode). I found the whole proposal angst thing a bit much this time around, although when it just about happened I could feel the excitement along with Morgan as he watched the event (almost) unfold. However, my favourite piece was at the very end. Sarah’s tears and a Nico Stai song (The Bottom of the Ocean) are a winning combination if ever there was one.

    I’ll just add a note as well about Casey’s antipathy toward all things French. Rather stereotypical, I thought. But then, the Pierre Melville character’s facial expressions and even his walk were caricatures of French mannerisms as well, so I guess stereotypes were par for the course for this episode. Well, except for Lester Patel and his tribe of Hin-Jews from Saskatchewan. That wasn’t a stereotype; that was some never-to-be-repeated colouring-outside-the-lines writing and acting.

    • atcDave says:

      Hah! So you like best my least favorite part of the episode?! Well, at least we’re consistent…

      • I guess so, Dave. It often seems you and I are drawn to different elements of the show. For this particular episode, I know I felt most moved, most drawn in emotionally, by the last scene.

      • atcDave says:

        That’s obviously a different outlook. I don’t want to be be moved; or at least it isn’t a priority. I watch television to laugh and have a good time. I am mostly only moved when good people overcome long odds to do something great. The set up, or the litany of things to overcome does nothing for me until we see the resolution.
        So the ending here is nothing but an annoying downbeat to me. I would much rather put it off until we’re actually ready to tell *that* story.
        I suppose I could say it ties into my disliked of serialized story telling too. I would much rather have each episode be a distinct unit, and end with the fitting denouement for its own story. Then introduce the next story, when it’s time to tell it!

        And yes, I also never start any job until the previous one is done!

    • Angus Macnab says:

      “…And yes, I also never start any job until the previous one is done!”

      Spoken like an air traffic controller… and I’ll take significant comfort from that!

    • authorguy says:

      I liked the almost-proposal, and the way the whole team came together to make it happen, but I can’t remember any other part of this episode that I liked. The whole ‘rogue agent’ thing was just too ludicrous. Painful episode.

  5. noblz says:

    This episode could have made my top 10 (29) if not for the painful Jeffster sequence. Didn’t care for that at all. I know they wanted laughs, but it made me want to cry.

    The ending was a bit of a downer, but I think having Sarah reveal that she wasn’t really being charged with treason alleviated the angst a bit.

    Plenty of good stuff here though. Tops has to be Sarah taking charge of the proposal mission. Her handling of the situation of the place “crawling with French bad guys” was also good. Also good was the original botched proposal and how Chuck uses their covers to have Casey “Man-serve” him. The moments with Chuck and Sarah at the chateau were adorable.

    Really good episode, it could have been a contender without the Jeffster stuff.

    • atcDave says:

      The early part of Lester’s story made me laugh, but by the time we got to the performance it was pretty cringeworthy. Definitely not a favorite part!

  6. oldresorter says:

    3 comments about tv this week, first off on Castle, the ep was entirely acceptable to me, but when I read a critic review and fan comments, the ep got trashed, I think one comment was ’40 minutes of misery’, something we’ve heard b4. IMO when the fan base feels angry toward the writers, I simply don’t know how the plot of the week can survive, even when OK and heading toward a decent payoff.

    Second off, there is one tv show right now that I am a reluctant fan of – in many ways, much like I was a fan of Chuck. In Chuck’s case I hate comedy hence I resisted. Not sure why I resist liking the other one though, but for some reason, with each ep, ever increasing momentum, I feel the slickest written, tightest plot, get to my heart show on tv is Madam Secretary. I wonder if they can keep it up?

    The 3rd comment, Scorpion looks like it might have Marshall from Alias take on a Morgan like role to Walter O’Brien, a little, annoying, unorthodox side kick. Add in that they added Forever’s co star lady detective as the high ranking head of team Scorpion, and it looks like the show is investing in good actors to play supporting roles, always a good sign.

    • atcDave says:

      I agree about Madam Secretary, I think it’s the best show we’re currently watching. It really surprises me how much I like it.
      Scorpion I’m still a little mixed on. It’s often cheesy dumb fun, I think the cast changes/additions will be good. But it’s such a dumb show. It’s funny for a show about geniuses to so often insult the intelligence. But when it’s fun it’s fun.
      We quit Castle. I’m not playing that game.

    • thinkling says:

      Madame Sec has been my favorite show for a year now, one of the few that I keep current. I stayed current with Forever, too. Sad it was canceled.

      Scorpion, I have to finish off the last two of S1 before I start S2. If it seems like the final episode will be an angsty-cliffy I often postpone until the next season is out, so I can have instant resolution.

      I think Madame Secretary had a good S2 premier, setting up a new background plot with equal weight to the S1 story. I would be fine with the story of the week, but I do think a background plot-of-the-season adds interest, without making it a truly serialized show.

      I like Blindspot and Limitless, too. Wasn’t as impressed with Quantico. Flash is off to a good start. I’m reserving judgment about Arrow and Castle. They may get dumped.

      • atcDave says:

        Madam Secretary does a very good job of combining serialized and episodic elements.
        I’ve liked Blindspot, it actually reminds me of Chuck in a few ways, although obviously far more serious in tone. And that may limit its longevity for me. It has so far been interesting; but if it stays too serious and too self important it may have to go.

      • authorguy says:

        I dumped Arrow a long time ago, and never got into Castle much. I pushed to get to the end of season 4, I think it was, and the delay to the next season meant I moved on to other things.
        I binge-watch on Netflix now, no TV anymore. The closest I come now is when I tried to watch Forever on ABC.tv, or whatever that website was. Daredevil was great, so I hope it comes back. Alias was good at the start but got silly very quickly. The opening credits for season 4 show how poor Jennifer Garner is at acting like anyone but Jennifer Garner. I do love Marshall, though, so I may watch Scorpion at some point. I discovered Once Upon A Time instead and haven’t looked back. Well into season 2 now, really good stuff. Love Robert Carlyle.

      • thinkling says:

        Powerwatching on Netflix or just a stockpile of recorded shows is a great way to get past some weaker or less desirable episodes. I returned to Murdoch, skipping their “S3.” I may hold off on Castle until I can powerwatch through a few episodes. It makes a huge difference in being able to enjoy a show, despite a bad arc or two. I may get back to Once Upon a Time now that I can power through a story line I wasn’t liking too much.

      • atcDave says:

        Power watching sure does change the experience. And it’s often a lot of fun to be able to really immerse in a setting for a few weeks.
        But Castle crossed a line. I won’t be watching a man try to win back his wife. It makes me angry just thinking about what they did to that show. Good thing S7 ended with such an excellent finale. I say the show stops there.

      • Justin says:

        I’m willing to watch a few more episodes of Castle to see where they are going with this. If my displeasure remains the same, I may join you on considering the S7 finale as the end of the show.

  7. Ernie Davis says:

    If we’re going in to general TV this season my main ones are Castle (still), Blind Spot, iZombie, SHIELD, Heroes Reborn, Brooklyn 99, You’re the Worst and Big Bang Theory. I’ve tried to get in to Arrow and Flash, but they just haven’t grabbed me yet. After hearing a podcast with the creator I may have to give The Goldbergs a try. I’ve also heard good things about Fresh Off The Boat. I drifted away from Gotham late in the season, I don’t think Fox did them any favors with the extended order, they seemed to lose focus. I may give that one another try.

    Binge watching is now my favorite way to watch shows. And I’ve been doing it since Netflix sent out little plastic disks. It is so much easier with streaming though. I did all 5 seasons of Breaking Bad this summer. I highly recommend it if you don’t mind the dark anti-hero stories.

    I haven’t done any of the streaming originals yet, but there are a few I’m looking forward to. Strike that, I watched Kimmy Schmidt, which was great. That is the problem with the streaming originals that get dropped all at once, you then have to wait almost a year to get new episodes.

    • thinkling says:

      Haven’t started SHIELD yet this season, though it is recording each week. I inevitably let some shows slide week by week and then watch them all at once during off season weeks.

      I haven’t watched Heroes Reborn yet. I tired of the original, and I have yet to work up the energy level to start Reborn. The only reason I might is because of Zach.

      I’m currently binge Blue Bloods on Netflix and the never ending NCIS. When I get caught up, I’ll probably watch week by week.

      Yes, I like watching Netflix style … so much more satisfying.

      • atcDave says:

        SHIELD is so hot and cold for me. A few really good moments, too many that aren’t. I’ll keep watching, but it’s near the bottom of shows I watch.

    • thinkling says:

      DO you guys think the ready availability to binge watch is hurting or helping traditional watching? It could hurt, because during the off season there is so much to distract viewers and draw them away from the seasonal offerings. On the other hand, binge watching can attract new viewers, who might not have otherwise jumped into the middle of a show.

      • atcDave says:

        Ultimately I think it hurts. It encourages more serialized stories, which usually means more silly melodrama and not much resolution.
        The good of it is it allows for deeper character growth and more complicated stories. But for me that’s not really the role of television. I’d rather have likable characters and fun, lighter stories. It’s how I unwind at the end of the day. Drama is for real life. I have little patience for television that takes itself too seriously.

      • oldresorter says:

        I binge watch most shows too. I’m currently watching Numb3rs on Hulu, which recently got cancelled by NBC after 6 (I think) seasons. it’s not like most NBC shows (it’s pretty good), and has been consistently pretty good (so far).

        I’m right with whoever said they might watch Heroes cause of levi, I watched a couple of the orig show eps, and didn’t like it at all. I’ll probably binge watch the whole season next year. I don’t really like the role or idea for Levi that much, otherwise I might have peeked in.

        I still watch SHIELD. An angsty wt/wt that doesn’t make me angry is FitzSimmons, I wonder how long they can keep the wt/wt going b4 I get pissed off? My limit is nearing for sure but making the main couple being teased a pair of more minor characters is probably a good idea.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah it’s funny how indifferent I am to the Fitsimmons thing! It’s occasionally cute, but of no real consequence to me.
        I also agree on the Heroes thing. I never got in to the original, and I’m sure not going to watch Zac play the villain. I can see why an actor might want to do something so different. But I have no desire to watch.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        That first season of Heroes was some of my favorite TV of all time.

      • CaptMediocre says:

        I still contend that people who binge watch don’t get the same story / story experience as those who watch weekly.

      • atcDave says:

        It’s definitely different. I think the whole investment in the “product” is less, especially if the whole show is a completed project.

      • oldresorter says:

        So is the group saying the best reason to binge watch is so the bad parts are less impactful? I think I agree if that is the case. One of the Castle / chuck problems, is the stuff that is hard to digest is repeated season after season.

        I tend to like when the hard parts to enjoy are spread around a little, which requires the writers to get fans invested in multiple characters and relationships which they can later damage, and maybe I tend to like shows where the actual story is what I invest in. Madam Secretary is such a show, I really don’t even like the characters that much, but they sure are part of a heck of a good story each week.

      • atcDave says:

        Reducing the impact of bad story lines is one good effect of binge watching!
        But to me, the best part is just getting well saturated with a setting and characters for a few weeks.
        Of course the down side is then it’s over all too fast.

      • thinkling says:

        I liked Heroes (original) for quite a while, but I burned out somewhere along the way.

        Captain, I agree the on demand (I don’t usually binge), experience is different from the week by week; but given the option, on demand would always be my preference. Dave may be right that enduring the week by week experience requires a different, deeper level of investment, though a power watcher can still have a fairly high level of investment, just not proven over the long haul.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I’m ambivalent on how binge watching changes the television experience. The bad part is that with so many options to choose from audiences will atomize. Who is going to be binge watching the same thing at the same time on the same schedule? Kimmy Schmidt was a good example of that. It was released and after about a week the buzz was fading. With that however fan boards and sites will get an intense but short discussion and then long periods of silence. I still remember those heady days of discussing each episode for a week on this board, which had both positive and negative aspects. But the binge can be a really immersive and enjoyable personal experience so I’ll come down as good for the individual viewer but bad for fandoms.

        As for the business side I’d say a win for studios, but a loss for networks. If they haven’t been doing so for a few years, the calculus of every show produced will from now on include revenue for streaming rights almost in perpetuity. I’m sure it won’t compare to the kind of revenue syndication could provide, and in fact is probably undermining syndication in some ways, but in the day of small audiences unless you are a CBS procedural, The Big Bang Theory or football (which doesn’t count since we’re discussing produced TV shows) the streaming rights can be the lifeline that gets you that second or third season. I’m still upset that nobody picked up Enlisted. Also for shows that have a rocky start then start firing on all cylinders in later seasons streaming allows a new audience, who may hesitate jumping in in the middle of a show’s run, to binge earlier episodes and join the regular audience. So, some good that falls mostly to the studios, some bad that falls more heavily on the networks.

      • atcDave says:

        I’ll mostly agree with all of that Ernie.
        I think it’s even more than just fandoms though that are impacted by the practice. We’re all so all over the place on viewing it’s hard in any group of friends to find any common programs. And often even when you do, you’re all at different places and can’t really talk about the show without spoiling something! So everyone just talks about sports and weather…

  8. Martin Traynor says:

    I can’t tell you how many shows I’ve quite this season. I liked Shield a lot its first season, a little less last season, and now, like so many other shows, it just seems to have gone off the deep end. I’m still into Scorpion and I actually really like Quantico. Like Dave, I’ve quit Castle this season for the exact same reason (I’ll go farther and say they should just “off” Beckett somehow), though my wife is still watching (barely). We all loved Big Bang Theory, but this season, so far, is really, really weak. Not sure how much longer I’ll stick with it. We actually love Arrow and Flash, and though both look to go alternate universe this season, we’re gonna stick with them for a while yet. If they get too silly, they’ll get dumped, too.

    I came to Chuck after the series ended and watched on DVD – would highly recommend that to anyone. I never watched Alias when it was on, and am now in the front half of the second season, also on DVD. I also plan on trying Adam Baldwin’s “Last Ship.”

    My wife and kids like Once Upon a Time, but are not happy with that current arc, either.

    • atcDave says:

      I’ve liked Last Ship. A little on the dark side, but exciting and well done.

      Every show does have the occasional episode or arc I dislike, that’s not a complete deal breaker. The issues to me are 1) is this a long term change to the mood of the show or 2) have they made an important character out to be an idiot or buffoon?
      That’s when I start asking if it’s time to drop it.

      • thinkling says:

        Well, I just watched Castle’s 3rd episode. I might pick it back up later on when I can power through to the resolution … or I may not. I’ve got to say, aside from being a real downer, not to mention a dishonor to marriage, it’s just a really stupid premise (to contrive a bit more wt/wt). *severe eye roll* There’s absolutely no reason they couldn’t pursue the big-bad-spy case together. I mean they’re obviously going to end up working cases together, and she loves him, but she has to sleep somewhere else to work on this big-bad case. Oh, brother. Becket is looking really, really bad right now.

        It would be more interesting to me if she and Castle and Alexis (and Castles dad and step mom) were working the off the books case on the side while balancing her new job and regular cases and trying to keep the other stuff a secret from Espo and Ryan and Lanie.

      • atcDave says:

        Its that contrivance makes me so angry I see red. So I just have to quit.

      • oldresorter says:

        It’s funny, for the first time I at least can sort of relate to how the Chuck fans who liked everything in s3 thru s5 felt / feel. I perfectly understand and agree with how bad the Castle plot idea is for s8, but I’m still OK. To me, they still are crazy about each other and they both have their memories, and the plot of the week still is going to be the two of them solving a case. I like both the main B plots (Alexis/Martha and Espo/Ryan/Lanie). I don’t exactly hate the working on the serial issue apart from each other. The thing is about Castle writers, they tease much worse than they deliver. Problem with Chuck s3 and final two eps, the actual was meaner than the tease.

      • Justin says:

        “It would be more interesting to me if she and Castle and Alexis (and Castles dad and step mom) were working the off the books case on the side while balancing her new job and regular cases and trying to keep the other stuff a secret from Espo and Ryan and Lanie.”

        thinkling, I would have much preferred that scenario which maintains Castle and Beckett as a team over the one they are going with it.

  9. Martin Traynor says:

    Yeah, Thinkling, with regard to Castle, any number of alternatives (with them together) would work. So much for “Always,” right? I watched the first two eps of this season, but when I saw the direction of the third, I just couldn’t stomach it. Like has been said before, the absurd idea that he has to “win his wife back” is ludicrous. I actually liked Castle and Beckett together more than when they were flirting and heavy bantering during that longing “courtship” of several seasons, so I see NO NEED for them to have to reset to keep things interesting.

    I think we mentioned this before, but bringing it back to Chuck for a sec., I always thought that Chuck and Sarah pretending to be together (whether dating or married) was played better than when they actually were together. I would have loved to see Sarah go a little more domestic (like she did in suburbs) than what we got. I loved them together, but in some ways, it was anticlimactic (based on what we saw when they were pretending, which was real in its own way).

    But up until now, I thought Castle did a good job with keeping Rick and Kate playful throughout as marrieds.

    • atcDave says:

      I don’t know that they needed more heat on Chuck, but I sure would have liked more time spent on domestic stuff. More date nights, more time with Ellie and Devon (and Clara), just more attempts for Chuck and Sarah trying to be normal. I certainly would have preferred that over some of the Buy More time, or even the Morgan time.
      I understand with television time is always in short supply. And I really did enjoy the later seasons of the show. But I can always imagine better.

      • Martin Traynor says:

        Not heat so much as more domestic bliss and fun. I just thought TPTB played Chuck and Sarah better when they were pretending than when they were actually together. There were so many moments they could have shown us, like them brishing their teeth tandem style…

        I’m a huge fan of binge watching, or at least having the power to control when and how often I watch. I’m also in the 2nd season of Covert Affairs and enjoying a few episodes a week, at MY pace. That’s what I like. If something is kind of angsty or an episode ends with a cliffhanger, I can go right to the next – I can indulge or delay my gratification to my heart’s content.

  10. oldresorter says:

    I enjoy reading what tv shows others of you like. For me, I tend to not like over serialized stories, and over super hero’ed / inhuman’ed up stories. So I like Superman, but when it gets too much about other Kryptonians or aliens or whatever, then I don’t like it. I loved the Flash last year, but am pretty worried I will not like it this year. SHIELD seems to be losing me with each ep, each new crazy character, etc. Heroes I seem to recall really enjoying it at first, but after time it got too much, maybe too complicated (I think that might be the right word, I’m not even sure) for me.

    I tie this back to Chuck, I loved intersect 1.0 – simpler and more realistic, closer to human like things. I think something approaching ‘intersected 1.0’ actually is 50% realistic, as IMO in the next 50 years or sooner (maybe much sooner), I’m thinking having some connection between the brain and the internet is not all that far fetched. Or at least I can imagine it. I wish Chuck had stayed with 1.0, and had tried to make a statement about how that might affect others / the world. Then again, I suppose when Chuck was first conceived, the internet was far less sweeping in our lives than it is even today 8-10 years later.

    But as 2.0 got introduced, I think Chuck lost the really fascinating ground it was plowing, and instead ‘intersected’ in a Venn diagram sort of way, with many other things on TV. Along those lines, Person Of Interest is plowing wonderful new ground in something that either could or heck maybe already is taking place. IMO that is what makes POI compelling.

    • atcDave says:

      Well you know I agree specifically about the Intersect. Although I’m fine with stories that go more “out there”, I thought the 2.0 damaged something that had been special about Chuck. Mainly it diminished Chuck as a relatable, ordinary nerd by making him too much a super hero.
      Now you know, I think that is by far the least of my complaints with the period of the show when the 2.0 was introduced. But among my litany of complaints, I would have preferred something more understated.

  11. mr2686 says:

    I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one that has dropped or is thinking about dropping Shield. To me it went downhill quickly. When Castle started this season, I immediately thought of Chuck, but I think it will correct it self quickly. The whole win back Becket is only in Castle’s mind, since Becket has only asked for space (unfortunately not explaining why) but I think it was kind of a dumb way to take the story.
    As for binge watching vs week to week, I like both and do both depending on the situation. I’ve binged to catch up with a show, I’ve binged to see an entire show that was already canceled, and I’ve binged after watching the show in it’s entirety week to week. Back in the day I think week to week had more impact, but today there are so many channels with their own original content, I’m having trouble keeping track of what’s going on from week to week. Binging helps that.

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