Fan Fiction Update

Unbelievable but true, there is still a lot of Chuck fan fiction being written!

Every time I think things are starting to let up we get an influx of new stories, and often, new writers.
So join me again for a look at a few very entertaining new tales.

No need for preliminaries, let me dive right in with my more recent favorites.  The first one I’ll mention is “Chuck vs The Plan” by WvonB.  This is a long one-shot, like this writer’s previous “Chuck vs The Crosswalk”.  Actually, it is broken in to five chapters, but they are all a part of one long post.  This starts at some undefined point during S2.  Chuck and Sarah have just botched a mission because they just can’t seem to get along.  Sarah is tired of the pathetic nerd who won’t leave her alone and Chuck is frustrated with the stuck up agent who thinks she’s too hot to even be nice.
Naturally there’s more going on than meets the eye, and the biggest punch line may be at the end of Chapter One.  The story then goes back in time to construct how we got here.  This well used technique really works well in this story and makes for a very entertaining ride.  Chuck vs the Plan is a lot of fun and very well written. It gets my highest recommendation.  I would say its rated PG and would take 90 minutes or so to read.

Let me follow that up with another piece by the same author.  WvonB has written a companion piece to the previous “Crosswalk” called “Chuck vs the Fork“.  This is a dinner date for Chuck and Sarah that takes place immediately after the first story.  It is centered on their much needed conversation to understand each other; but the real highlight is Sarah’s explanation of “the Fork”.  Another fun read in about 90 minutes.

Continuing the S2 theme is “Rescue Me” by Dan Dangerous.  This starts with Sarah resolving to clear the air with Chuck, and leads to an alternate S2 with Chuck and Sarah as a couple through most of it.  This leads to some very satisfying moments, but there’s plenty sinister going on in the background too.  The style is very wordy; conversations get almost comically involved, but so often we’re going over material that fans have agonized over for years, so much of this seems cathartic.
Don’t get me wrong, the actual adventure parts of this story are a lot of fun too.  Updates seem to have slowed, so this may not actually get finished.  But it is fun and long so far.  Let’s call it PG-13 for content and many hours of reading!

Next I have one by a familiar writer; “Chuck vs the Dive” by Steampunk Chuckster is a complete AU.  We meet Chuck the successful Software writer who is taking a long vacation in Hawaii, where he meets Sarah the dive instructor.  This is basically just a meet/cute sort of piece.  But it is entertaining and fun; and Steampunk Chuckster is a good writer who brings the characters and setting to life.  This is a two part one shot (?  more may be more to come).  It would be rated PG (really G until the very end of Chapter Two) and take about an hour to read.

Chuck vs the Trek 520” by Grayroc is a recently completed life-on-the-run story.  When Chuck has reason to think his government service will end with a bullet he puts together a plan to disappear off the grid.  Choosing to do it by bicycle is the most unique feature of this story.  But Sarah’s part is interesting too; she’s charged with hunting down and killing the wayward asset, and has to convince Beckmen that is exactly her intent…   even if it isn’t quite true…
This is rated about a PG-13 and will take four hours or so to read.

Another on-going tale is “Make a Wish” by Wade1978.  This starts immediately after “Tom Sawyer” (episode 2.05) and has everything suddenly going Chuck’s way.  The set-up is almost comically extreme wish fulfillment, but it does get in to a good story too.  And we’re all okay with wish fulfillment for Chuck anyway, right?  There really are some tense moments as the story unfolds though.  And a few times I’d have to say the writer’s version of wish fulfillment isn’t quite the same as mine!  But this should seriously be fun for most Chuck fans.  It would be rated PG-13 and take 7 or 8 hours to read so far.  The story is not complete, but it is updating pretty regularly.

Last one I think I’ll mention today is “Sarah vs The Rescue” by MissMonk.  This is a darker story than most of what I recommend.  The start alone has Chuck bunkered and Sarah fired from the CIA.  You all can guess where things go from there; although I would add my own comment that Sarah is less an action hero and more an emotional/moral hero than we often expect in this one.  This story is almost complete.  It would be rated PG-13, almost R in places (especially for the results of Chuck’s captivity).  It would take three or so hours to read.

So that was a pretty good list!  I really hope and expect to do a few more posts like this, an active and productive fan community is a wonderful thing!
Until next time…

~ Dave 


About atcDave

I'm 54 years old and live in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I'm happily married to Jodie. I've been an air traffic controller for 31 years; grew up in the Chicago area, and am still a fanatic for pizza and the Chicago Bears. My main interest is military history, and my related hobbies include scale model building and strategy games.
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7 Responses to Fan Fiction Update

  1. authorguy says:

    A good list but incomplete. A lot of good stories started a while ago and are still going strong. We’ve also got ‘Chuck vs the Love Scenes’, by willynilly23, a collection of vignettes that fill in the gaps in most of the canon episodes.
    ‘Chuck Takes a Stand’, by Nomadic Nerd, in which Chuck finds out about the termination order. This one just completed.
    I’m enjoying ‘Roarke Instruments Employee of the Month’, although that may change if Chuck gets sucked too far in by his amiable boss. ‘Tales From the Intersect’ is doing some good new stuff, although I had to reread the older chapters to remind myself about some of the plots. ‘Becoming’ is still in motion, although much more slowly than it used to be, with ‘Chuck vs the Job’ and ‘Chuck vs Jen Burton, Spy Girl’ still in gear too. I’m just going down the first page of my favorites list, here.
    And I know you aren’t reading it anymore, Dave, but nine2five is almost complete. My rewrite of Santa Suit, with the climax of the Decker conspiracy, begins tomorrow and will complete in December. The finale will take place in January, aiming to post the last chapter of my last episode on the anniversary of the series finale.

  2. garnetflint says:

    Not a lot of action on this thread, but I agree there is still a great bit of fiction being written. For the Macho Chuck fan Semper Fi, and for the Charah lover The News Anchor and Bill Jackson’t “The Syndicate” are all worth a look.

    • atcDave says:

      There’s never as much action here!
      But fan fiction is by far our most popular group of links. I think for those of us interested it’s a very big deal.
      But we’re just most lunatic of fringes…

  3. garnetflint says:

    I should note that I havn’t been around much recently as I am in the provess of reading through all of atcDave’s favourite stories and I have been a bit behind in some things as a result!

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