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I'm 54 years old and live in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I'm happily married to Jodie. I've been an air traffic controller for 31 years; grew up in the Chicago area, and am still a fanatic for pizza and the Chicago Bears. My main interest is military history, and my related hobbies include scale model building and strategy games.

More Fan Fiction… Again!

What a run!  Just dang.  More than ten years past the start of the show, and more than five since it ended, and we’ve just gone through a burst of fan fiction activity that’s reminiscent of the Season Three golden … Continue reading

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More Fan Fiction

Last time I went over a year between updates, now its only been a few months!  There is quite a bit of life in Chuck Fan Fiction.  This won’t be a huge post, but some of what’s coming out now … Continue reading

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So I now have permission to make a disclosure here. It will be interesting if any readers here can guess at or recognize this connection. But Kelly Dean Jolley, the philosophy professor who writes about Chuck at his blog here;  … Continue reading

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A New Chuck Website!

sort of… I’ve recently encountered a website by a fellow Chuck fan that takes a fun and in-depth look at a few fan favorite sort of questions from the show. It’s the sort of analysis that Ernie Davis, if he’s … Continue reading

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Fan Fiction Again

One thing with fan fiction output slowed way down, it almost seems like less is going on than actually is.  I was surprised the other day when I took a look at my favorites list to realize there were quite … Continue reading

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Where were you? 10 years ago today…

Today is the 10th anniversary of the first airing of the Chuck pilot.  Over the last couple years the show has finally started to fade from the forefront of my thoughts.  But it’s still had the biggest impact on my life (and … Continue reading

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Is the CIA Operating in Northern Michigan?

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Fan Fiction Update

Hi I’m Dave and like to welcome you all to this new web site… I think we just set a record for longest period between posts here at Chuck This. Sadly, this may be the new normal.  I still have a couple … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Music for Chuck

We’ve offered this forum from time to time to guest writers.  And now seems like a great time to make that offer again.  Many readers may already be aware of Anthropocene from his regular comments here, and his outstanding hypothetical … Continue reading

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Chuck in Overview: The Complete Series, Part 2

So another re-watch is complete, and we’re all several years older.  How have perspectives changed?  How does the show still effect us?  Why do some of us still visit this site?! After the jump let’s take a brief look at Chuck, a … Continue reading

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