I’m your typical married, middle aged, guitar-playin’, rocket-scientist martial-artist who likes to bicycle to Bon Iver and watch Chuck as often as I can, which has often been two or three episodes a day.  Every day.

Obsessed? Probably. This is NOT what your normal fan would do.

I like it for the pretty girls.
… and the comedy.
Oh, and the spy-adventure stuff.
And the music!
And maybe even for all the clever pop-culture references that make me feel young when I get them.

Oh, Okay! I’ll admit it. I’m a romance-junkie and Chuck and Sarah have me hooked.

Two cats One cat (sniff!) graciously shares their his house with my wife and me in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC and deigns to let us feed them him several times a day. Other than that, I’m a software engineering contractor often working on aerospace, military or NASA contracts. My fingerprints are currently all over the New Horizons Mission to Pluto.

I can be contacted at jmj(dot)buckley(at)verizon(dot)net.


Best known for: Saving Agent Walker