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Chuck in Overview: The Complete Series, Part 2

So another re-watch is complete, and we’re all several years older.  How have perspectives changed?  How does the show still effect us?  Why do some of us still visit this site?! After the jump let’s take a brief look at Chuck, a … Continue reading

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Chuck in Overview: The Complete Series

So after looking at every episode and every season, what is there to say about the whole series?  What made Chuck something special that so many of us are still unwilling to let it pass two and half years after it went … Continue reading

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Chuck in Overview: Season Five

The last season.  Like the first season, its entirely too short. Now that Chuck and Sarah are married, Team B has gone private, and a bearded troll has the Intersect; how will this last, short season play out. After the … Continue reading

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Chuck in Overview: Season Four

The tone of the show shifts once again. This time we’ll get more comedy, more fun, less angst.  Major themes being Chuck’s search for his mom, Volkoff I and Volkoff II, and Chuck and Sarah growing from couple to family. … Continue reading

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Chuck in Overview: Season Three

Chuck has a new Intersect and has decided to become an agent.  But after a misunderstanding with Sarah, and failing spy school due in part to a buggy 2.0 the new season gets off to a bleak start. After the … Continue reading

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Chuck in Overview: Season Two

Chuck’s first full season. What sets season two apart from the others?  What changed from the first season?  And what impact does this season have on the whole? After the jump, we’ll discuss Season Two.

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Chuck in Overview: Season One

What can be said about Season One overall?  What are it’s strengths and weaknesses?  How does it compare to other seasons?  What episodes stand out as very good or very bad? Join us after the jump as we start a … Continue reading

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The Long Wait

Getting From Season Two to Season Three This was easily the most exciting and dramatic period between seasons during the entire run of the series.  I honestly don’t think anyone who experienced it all in real time would actually dispute … Continue reading

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