Save Chuck – Contact NBC/WB

Taken from @NBC boards Easy ways to save Chuck thread.

Send each of these folks a polite, yet firm ‘Save Chuck’ email.

  • Make sure you thank them for giving Chuck a Season 4
  • Thank them for the gift of 24 episodes this season
  • State the reasons why you love Chuck, and why it should return for a 5th Season.
  • If you have purchased items from sponsors of Chuck, mention that advertisements during Chuck influenced your purchase (I bought an iPhone, Subway breakfast sandwich, Ford Explorer, Lexus because I saw it advertised on Chuck).
  • Include your contact information and demographic (sex, age, annual household salary). If you are a student, include your household (family’s) salary, if you’re allowed.

Keep a copy of the letter, and every day, send it to at least one person on this list:

NBC Entertainment
These people are listed in the NBC.uni page under Chuck:

Jamie French
NBC Entertainment Publicity
(818) 777-2835

Akiva Griffith
Junior Press Manager
NBC Entertainment Publicity
(818) 777-3096

John Lavet
Director, Photo Production
NBCUniversal Photography & New Media
(818) 840-2102

Rebecca Marks
Executive Vice President, Publicity

These people are the higher ups in NBC Universal – the bigger decision makers. I don’t have phone numbers or email addresses, but most of the NBC Universal emails are like this:

Robert Greenblatt
Chairman, NBC Entertainment

Matt Bond
Executive Vice President, Content Distribution,

Ted Harbert
Chairman, NBC Broadcasting,

Lauren Zalaznick
Chairman, Entertainment & Digital Networks and Integrated Media, NBCUniversal

Jeff Ingold
Executive Vice President, Comedy Programming,
NBC Entertainment

Adam Stotsky
President, Marketing, NBC Entertainment

Vernon Sanders
Executive Vice President, Current Programming, NBC Entertainment

Jackie De Crinis
Senior Programming Executive,
USA Network (maybe they can move Chuck to USA)
USA Generic feedback link

Dave Howe
Syfy (maybe move Chuck to Syfy, or air reruns on Syfy)

WB site:

Bruce Rosenblum – President, Warner Brothers Television Group
Can’t find any execs for CW, just this:
CW generic Feedback link