10-2010: Chuck vs. The Ratings UPDATED

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Ratings and the Nielsen system are a small hobby of mine.  I like looking at the stats and prognosticating on how Chuck will do week to week.  One of our readers, Big Kev, very astutely summarized my feelings, and I quote him below:

“I read in that TVBTN thread that only 25,000 families have Neilsen boxes? Is that true? One of the biggest industries in the US collects it’s most important data from a sample size equivalent to 0.008 per cent of the population? And using outdated technology? Wow. Boggles my mind.”

First I started by making a chart, comparing Chuck with The EventChase, andUndercovers, which are all NBC shows.  I do this to illustrate how Chuck is doing this season.  The bottom line is that Chuck is fairly stable, while the other new shows are in free fall.  I put this chart together with the initial data, but wanted to add that now TVBTN is showing that Chuck’s premiere scored:

Chuck had a Live+SD rating with adults 18-49 of 2.0 for its premiere on September 20, and a full week’s worth of DVR viewing pushed it up to a 2.6.  On a Live+SD basis it was ranked #57 for the week among ABC, CBS, CW, Fox and NBC.  With Live+7 it jumped to 55th.

The interesting thing (though not really surprising for an 8pm scripted show) was that almost half of Chuck’sadults 18-49 DVR lift came from same day (before 3am Tuesday morning) DVR viewing.  Chuck had a Live 18-49 rating of 1.5 (please note, nobody reports live viewing anymore and we only see the live numbers in the context of Live+7 DVR lift).

In total viewers Chuck jumped from 5.812 million Live+SD to 7.045 million Live+7.

Ratings updated as of October 16, 2010

Now it’s your turn to weigh in.  More after the break.

The Nielsen system is flawed and I don’t think you’ll find many defending it.  I personally don’t know anyone who is a Nielsen viewer.  How do we find our voice as a viewer to be heard?  Zac Levi is one of the most followed celebrities on Twitter, Chuck is listed as part of the flagship for NBC’s lineup, and we know there is a solid fan base.  My question is how large is the fanbase really?  I know we skew older (I’m 37) and male (sorry, not male!).  I am not part of the coveted demo 😦  but I still want to be “counted.”  Let us know what you think.

First let’s get some opinions about the job the present system does.

Next, how do you feel about a pretty straightforward alternative?

Last, is advertising and promotion already irrelevant?