3-2011: Chuck, Renewal, Ratings and Product Placement

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If you haven’t seen it already, I strongly recommend you watch or listen to the latest, special episode of Chuck vs. the Podcast. And if you have, please watch it again and then tell Mel, Liz and Gray what you think.

My opinion is that they’ve given us strong reporting and analysis, and boy, do I appreciate it. Even better, it gives a solid basis for having some hope and even confidence in the possibilities of a 5th season and syndication. For me, those would be good things. I’m not one who wants to see Chuck go on too long and die with a whimper. I don’t believe that the story is over. There is more to be said about Chuck & Sarah.

Likewise, I would not want Zac Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin, Josh Gomez and all the rest to stay too long in these roles. However, I would love for them to go out on top, and I think the top is NOT behind them.

Finally, I personally don’t need to have Chuck in syndication. I can watch my favorite show any time I want. But I do want the cast and crew to receive the rewards I think they deserve. Sadly, I’m sure that NBC’s budget manipulations and the Comcast takeover of NBC-U has cut into the monetary rewards significantly. There will be no more Charlie Sheens for quite some time.

And here you thought this was a Sheen-free zone!

– joe

Edit: Joe, I hope you don’t mind but with the talks about online viewing and how much they really count (not a lot admittedly in the whole big picture of things, but count it does), I give you NBC’s TAMI press release for their advertisers. Featured is none other than Chuck:

^Chuck is 3rd best in total TAMI viewing behind The Office, and the Biggest Loser.

Television: TV ROCS; NBC broadcast data is based on Nielsen P2+ TA Impressions using Live + TSV (L7: 9/1/10-1/30/11; LS: 9/1/10-2/13/11). NBCU Cable data is based on Nielsen P2+ Average Audience impressions using Live + TSV (L7: 9/1/10-1/30/11; LS: 9/1/10-2/13/11 only episodes airing in primetime). Internet Streaming Video: [1] NBC.com/Omniture: data is counted based on a 1 stream to 1 episode start relationship and does not count individual chapters (9/1/10-2/13/11); [2] Hulu.com data is counted based on a 1 stream to 1 episode relationship and does not count individual chapters (9/1/10-2/13/11);
[3] NBC Direct: Total # of downloads (STD – 12/12/10). VMD: [1] VOD: Rentrak Ondemand Essentials (9/1/10-2/13/11); [2] Downloads: Carrier Direct (9/1/10-2/13/11) *Note: We don’t have EST rights (EST stands for Electronic Sell-Through or DTB/DTO – Download To Burn/Own) and/or not available on EST: Chase, Chuck, Undercovers, Community, Celebrity Apprentice/Apprentice, Harry’s Law.”

Download the entire TAMI PDF here.