The Origin of Thinkling’s Black Box

Borrowed from
Two Weddings and a Journey

This brings us to Season 3.0. For the purpose of this post, S3 will be a black box (mostly) with a big disclaimer bow on top. I don’t want to get into certain particulars. So, black box. Chuck and Sarah go in, a lot of stuff happens, and Chuck and Sarah come out. I do want to analyze their mindsets going in, summarize the story apart from the misery, check their progress when they emerge, and continue their journey on the other side. Sound like a cop-out? Well, maybe, but I hope you won’t feel that way when I’m done. … Now, where did I put my asbestos hoodie?

Thinkling’s Disclaimer — why the Black Box

Part A. I am a shipper (shocker, I know). Like Dave, I don’t like episodes (let alone extended arcs) that leave Chuck and Sarah in a dark/bad place. However, I am analytical, like Ernie, so I am always trying to understand Chuck and Sarah and their story better. Understanding the story gives it meaning (to me) and changes how I think about the season. However, no amount of understanding has been able to change how the season makes me feel.

Part B. The potentially great story that might have been S3 suffered extensively because pet devices drove the story instead of serving the story. What pet devices? So glad you asked. CRM and WT/WT. The Central Relationship Misunderstanding was more of a Malfunction that quickly escalated to full-blown Misery which was dragged out all season, in order to bring us WT/WT until the epic end. Post Colonel and considering that Chuck and Sarah had both jumped worlds to be together (granted Chuck’s jump involved additional factors), their dilemma had progressed from WT/WT to How Will They. HWT was more logical in light of the unfolding story. The OLI’s (also designed to prolong WT/WT) added nothing to the story. The misery was compounded and maintained by two frustrating techniques: backloading of information and a contrived communication blackout between our heroes.


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