Episode of the Week: Chuck vs The Seduction (2.02)

NBC Synopsis:  SWEET SEDUCTION–Emmy Award winner John Larroquette (“Boston Legal”) guest-stars as the legendary debonair spy Roan Montgomery and Melinda Clarke (“The O.C.”) guest-stars as a sultry but dangerous female spy known as the Black Widow. Chuck (Zachary Levi) must go undercover to retrieve the Cipher from the Black Widow. But in order to get close to his target, Chuck must learn the art of seduction from the suave and sophisticated Roan. Unfortunately for Chuck, Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and Casey (Adam Baldwin), Roan is no longer the world’s greatest spy. Meanwhile, Morgan (Joshua Gomez) offers Captain Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) some advice for a romantic night with Ellie (Sarah Lancaster), and Lester (Vik Sahay) struggles to gain respect at Buy More as the new assistant manager.

Chuck This Ranking: 7
Dave’s Ranking: A little lower

Full Write Ups: Chuck vs the Seduction (2.02) by Dave and Joe.
Summertime Top Ten: Chuck Versus The Seduction by Ernie

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Episode of the Week: Chuck vs The First Date (2.01)

NBC Synopsis: SEASON PREMIERE–Academy Award nominee Michael Clarke Duncan (“The Green Mile”) guest-stars as Colt, a menacing operative. Chuck (Zachary Levi) prevents Colt from obtaining the Cipher — a device that would ultimately lead to a new Intersect. Chuck is told that this successful mission marks the end of his espionage career and the beginning of a normal life. Free from bullets and bombs, Chuck finally asks Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) out on a real first date. But Chuck’s role as the old Intersect is not good news for everyone as Casey (Adam Baldwin) deals with a difficult order assigned to him. Meanwhile at Buy More, Morgan (Joshua Gomez) devises an eccentric way to hire a new assistant manager.

Chuck This Ranking:  3
Dave’s Ranking: Really good, maybe not quite that good.

Full Write Ups: Chuck vs The First Date (2.01) by Dave and Joe.
Summertime Top Ten: Chuck Versus The First Date by Ernie.

Other Write Ups: Reader’s Digest Re-Watch: Make-up Then Break-up Arc by Dave.

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Episode of the Week: Chuck vs The Marlin (1.13)

NBC Synopsis: THE NERD OF THE RINGS- Captain Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) asks Chuck (Zachary Levi) if he can have Ellie’s (Sarah Lancaster) hand in marriage, and then insists Chuck holds on to the ring until he plans it all out. Chuck decides to lock it in his Buy-More locker, and returns the next day to discover everything had been stolen from the store. Meanwhile, Agent Casey (Adam Baldwin) and Agent Walker (Yvonne Strahovski) discover that the CIA has been spying on them in hopes of discovering “the intersect.” With Chuck’s identity and life on the line, NSA has no other option than to relocate Chuck into a permanent holding cell. Will Chuck lose his family and friends forever?

Chuck This Ranking19
Dave’s Ranking: I agree

Full Write Ups: Chuck vs The Marlin (1.13) by Dave and Joe

Other Write Ups: Reader’s Digest Rewatch: Make-up Then Break-up Arc by Dave

Season Overview: Chuck in Overview: Season One by Dave

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Episode of the Week: Chuck vs The Undercover Lover (1.12)

NBC Synopsis: Chuck (Zachary Levi) discovers that many Russian arms dealers are secretly meeting in Los Angeles. One particular Russian woman catches his attention, and he flashes on her as being Agent Casey’s (Adam Baldwin) ex-girlfriend. Chuck grows very intrigued and begins to pester Casey about their history. After learning this woman is to set marry one of the Russian arms dealers, Chuck insists that Casey fights for his woman. Will Casey fight for his true love without compromising his identity? Meanwhile, Captain Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) and Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) reach a tough point in their relationship.

Chuck This Ranking: 65
Dave’s Ranking: A little better

Full Write Ups: Chuck vs The Undercover Lover (1.12) by Dave and Joe

We really haven’t done a lot with this episode!  Ernie’s themes series is still coming.  But we’re now back to our regular weekly re-watch routine.

~ Dave 

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Yeah or Nay: Non-Spies and Other Guys

Ahhh vacation. Which somehow tends to cut in to writing time almost as much as work. Since part 4 of 3 isn’t ready to go yet I thought I’d let you weigh in on characters I could only characterize as “other”.  After the jump.

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Yeah or Nay: Spies, The Bad Guys

With my “Favorite Themes” post expanding I find myself with a surplus of new content, mostly polls and the parts of my post that are still being written (which could eventually equal Thinkling’s 5 parter).  So to keep things lively, and give me some time to write, here is another Yeah or Nay.  This one is about the villains of Chuck.  After the jump.

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These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Themes: If You Love Something Set It Free

Part 3 of 4 (oops)  Part 1, Part 2

ChuckPushMixAt the end of part 2 of this post we finally saw Chuck and Sarah take those first tentative steps toward building a life together by just deciding that rather than try to change themselves or each other in an attempt to pigeonhole themselves into the other’s life, they’d be together first, then decide what sort of life that meant for them both.  But we also saw that communication between these two, given their fears, insecurities and history, is a tough thing to really do well.  What exactly does being together mean to each of them?  We can presume that Chuck takes a very traditional view, marriage, kids, etc.  But what about Sarah?  Given her upbringing what exactly does she think being with Chuck and being a spy means for them?  Join me after the jump for a look at how together Chuck and Sarah can be.

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Yeah Or Nay: Spies, The Good Guys

Here is your next Yeah or Nay poll to tide you over till Friday’s final installment of our trip through Chuck and Sarah’s relationship woes.  Join me after the jump for the survey.

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These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Themes: If You Love Something Set It Free

Part 2 of 3  Part 1


Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

At the end of Part 1 of this post we found our heroes in a sort of limbo.  Both aware of their feelings for each other, each caught in between the pull of two worlds, each wanting to be with the other but unable to believe they belong in the other’s world and unable to ask the other to join them in theirs.  This part is mostly about taking a leap of faith, one that doesn’t necessarily work out the way you thought it would, but one that puts our heroes on the path they were meant to follow.  It’s about finding out what was missing and why it didn’t work, working on their faults and cracks, filling in those blanks and gaps.  It’s mostly early season 3, so be warned, and join me for part 2 after the jump.

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Yeah or Nay; The First Rate Your Characters Poll

And now for something a little different.

As I traverse the interwebs looking for fun Chuck and other TV trivia and discussion I often note how many shows can have a polarizing character or guest star.  Some of them aren’t even played by Brandon Routh,  But recently the idea of a “rate the characters” poll has taken up residence in my head, and that will be coming, but as I thought through it, there are a lot of characters on Chuck.  Sure some are there for the blink of an eye then gone, but Stanley Fitzroy (to name just one) made a mark on the show if you ask me.  Others like Fernando and Skip are around constantly, but seldom heard from.  So, join me after the jump to help me solve the too many characters quandary.

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