Live at NerdHQ with Yvonne!

Panel starts out with Zac saying that Yvonne came to SD specifically to come to this conversation.

She wanted to know why he was sitting so far away (coz he’s a moderator). So he moved closer (see photo).

Q: if you could play a superhero, who would it be?
A: she’s not really a comic book fan. Zac said Thor. She did get inspired by Uma Thurman in Kill Bill.

Q: how do you pick roles?
A: she wants to aim high now that Zac has brought up Thor. She likes a lot f the roles, theatre, scientist, etc.


Q: mass effect question.
A: she is it a gamer but she’s become acclimated to Chuck. Into nerd but she’s not a gamer. She charmingly forgot the question.
Miranda is pretty kick are. She liked being part of putting it together.

Q: how was it working on set of Dexter?
A: liked working with Michael. He really wanted to make the best scene. Wonderful. Thrilled with storyline.

Q: What made you get into acting?
A: I was the goofy kid with braces and goofing off in camera. Was just always what I was doing. Was first into acting school at 12. Started drama school in Sydney. Came into states in 4th year of acting.

Q: smiles for smiles for both of you?
A: let me know.

Q: who would be a dream copanelist for you?
A: When I was young, I had a crush on Tom Hanks. I would love to have a chat with him.

The live feed is here:

Q: how does your faith interact with your job and certain roles?
A: I always feel like with acting it’s a form of art. We represent life and humanity and people and here are so many people in the world. As actors we are given challenge to portray people. I don’t think I’ve ever been asked I portray morally conflicting roles.

Q: favorite Chuck and Sarah moment. Scene.
A: so many. I wouldn’t even remember half the stuff we did. We lived it. I actually watched the third and last/penultimate episode. On the suggestion of a friend.
Zac: you almost did but you forgot.
A: it’s hard to pick coz there’s so many. I have a funny story about Zac. One time we were in the Chuck bedroom. Zac was lying in the bed. They had said action, I had a line, he had a line, and I had a line. And I was waiting and he was asleep. In the middle of the scene. He was snoring.
Zac: what happened was, when you’re in the plane you are nodding off. Somehow I knew I was supposed to say something. I woke up and said the line. And you were like, “are you joking?”

Krista Rodriguez, Zac’s broadway co-star has never seen Chuck.

Q: have you talked to Zac about the movie?
A: except this time you’ll wear the heels and I’ll wear the Chucks.
Zac: if that’s what it will take.
A: and the cat suit.

Q: what would you tell the younger Yvonne, coming to America, just starting off Chuck?
A: get ready to work 18 hour days. I didn’t even know that was legal. It would take an hour to talk about all that I’d say to a younger me. Grateful.

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The NerdHQ and ComicCon Reactions Post

NerdHQ2013The Mardi Gras of the nerd year has arrived.  ComicCon starts tomorrow in San Diego along with, thanks to some very generous fans, NerdHQ.  Zac is already there, he tweeted his departure early this morning, and other fans, fan favorites and celebrities will soon be arriving for the festivities, panels and parties.

There is bound to be a lot of news, gossip, tweeting, celebrity sightings and links and pictures of it all flying about, so we thought an open post for everyone to share their experiences, hot news, links or pictures might be a good idea.  So join us and share your Nerdvana experiences with us, whether you’re experiencing it on the ground or just through your iPhone or computer, after the jump.

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Episode of the Week: Chuck vs The Wookiee (1.04)

NBC Synopsis:  DIAMONDS ARE A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND — Chuck (Zachary Levi) faces an unusual task, when Sarah’s (Yvonne Strahovski) hot colleague from the CIA shows up requesting help for a mission. Morgan (Joshua Gomez) tries to get Chuck to set him up with Sarah’s new friend. When Chuck finds out that a million dollar diamond hidden in a Malibu mansion is being used to help fund terrorists, he must help these two beautiful women steal it back. Chuck is finding out that Sarah’s job of living a double life, which she is all too good at, is really preventing him from getting to know who she really is.

Chuck This Ranking29
Dave’s Ranking: Much lower. In the 60s.

Full Write-Ups: Chuck vs the Wookiee (1.04)  by Dave and Ernie
Chuck vs the Wookie Revisited by Faith

Other Write-Ups: Make ‘em Laugh: Top Three Comedy Episodes by Ernie, Amy, Joe and Dave

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News from Resaw

We always take this site and this fandom seriously as a community.  All of our readers are important to us; so we wanted to share a special bit of personal news from our long time friend Resaw.

So after the jump, a post from Resaw. Continue reading

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Episode of the Week: Chuck vs The Tango (1.03)

NBC Synopsis: 10/08/2007 (08:00PM – 09:00PM) (Monday) : IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO— Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi) is finding out that living two separate lives is not going to come easy. After being challenged by his boss at Buy More, Chuck needs the help of his best friend Morgan (Joshua Gomez) and the Nerd Herd, to prove that he is up to the task and ready to become assistant manager. Meanwhile, Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and John (Adam Baldwin) force Chuck to go undercover for his first real spy mission. It seems that Chuck’s two different lives are learning to Tango, but which one will learn to take the lead?

Chuck This Ranking32
Dave’s Ranking: Quite a bit higher

Full Write-Ups: Chuck vs The Tango (1.03) by Dave and Ernie

Other Write-Ups: Reader’s Digest Re-Watch: The Intro Arc by Faith
Make ‘em Laugh: Top Three Comedy Episodes by Ernie, Amy, Joe and Dave
Truth is Spoken Here by Joe

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Episode of the Week: Chuck vs The Helicopter (1.02)

NBC Synopsis: WHO TO BELIEVE? –As Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi) continues to come to grips with his newly adopted life as a spy, tension builds between his recently appointed partners Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski) and John Casey (Adam Baldwin). When a doctor who seems to have a solution to Chuck’s problem is killed, Casey and Walker turn the blame at one another. Both agents persistently try to convince Chuck that the other one is responsible and now it is up to Chuck to decide which one to trust. Who will he choose?

Chuck This Ranking:  57
Dave’s Rank: Mostly Agree

Full Write-Ups:  Chuck vs The Helicopter (1.02) by Dave, Ernie and Joe

Other Write-Ups: Reader’s Digest Re-Watch: The Intro Arc by Faith

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Episode of the Week: Chuck vs The Intersect (1.01)

Does anyone need an excuse to watch Chuck all over? Well I did. We’re doing one a week again. These posts will be brief, and center mainly on the links to everything we’ve done before for each episode. So this will be a one-page reference (no jump, just links). As always, we invite readers to join with us and discuss their thoughts, memories or favorite moments from each episode.

NBC Synopsis: Chuck Bartowski is a computer geek that gets catapulted into a new career as the government’s most vital secret agent. When Chuck opens an e-mail subliminally encoded with government secrets, he unwittingly downloads an entire server of sensitive data into his brain. With the government’s most precious secrets in Chuck’s head, Major John Casey of the National Security Agency assumes the responsibility of protecting him. His partner is the CIA’s top agent (and Chuck’s first date in years), Sarah Walker.

Chuck This Ranking5
Dave’s Rank: I mostly agree with the poll.  Maybe a little lower, but not much.

Full Write-Up: Pilot (1.01) by Dave, Ernie, Joe & Thinkling
Summertime Top Ten: Chuck vs The Intersect by Ernie, Thinkling, Dave & Joe

Other Write Ups: Reader’s Digest Rewatch: The Intro Arc by Faith

Alternatives: Season One and Season Two: Alternatives  (This one post covers 35 episodes.  The second post in this series won’t start until 3.01)

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New Ventures

I just wanted to share a new project I’ve embarked on.  It is of no particular interest to this fandom, except to say I hope some of you are interested enough to check it out.  Its always good to hear from old friends…

I’m sure you’re all aware of my eclectic interests; especially related to military history, aviation, strategy gaming, and scale modeling.  After the jump, I’ll let you in on where this is heading. Continue reading

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24: Live Another Day

Kate Morgan

Well its official.  Our Yvonne thread is getting pretty huge!  And this is likely to be the hot topic for the next couple months.  So let’s try to keep 24/Kate Morgan related discussion in this thread.

Unlike the “cast” thread, there will be no restrictions here on spoilers through the current episode.  If you know something you shouldn’t, we don’t want to hear it here either!  So if you’re not up to date, read at your own risk.   Continue reading

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Complete Alternatives

We’ve already discussed different ways of twisting the Chuck story at about every specific point of the story.  But what about twists before we even get started?  There are both big and small things that could have been changed to make a completely different story.  And unlike many of the previous talks on this subject, this will never be about making things better.  This is variety for its own sake.  I’m sure many readers will recognize how many stories and myths come in a variety of forms.

After the jump, will look at some extreme variations on our basic Chuck story.

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