Hi,  my name is Dave and I’m a Chuckaholic.   If you’re reading this,  you are too so congratulations.

I grew up in the Chicago area which left me with a life-long love of pizza and the Chicago Bears.   My home town is near where Ryan McPartlin  grew up;  in one interview I saw with him he said if he hadn’t escaped the area in his teens he would have been huge from all the good food around.   I wasn’t so lucky.   Portillo’s, Giardano’s, Barone’s….    I miss Chicago.

I currently live in southeast Michigan,  where they seriously don’t know pizza;  but otherwise I love my home and Michigan is a beautiful state.   I’m 52,  I’ve been an air traffic controller for over 25 years,  and have been married to my wonderful wife Jodie for 18 years.

As far as writing on this blog goes, I have no qualifications of interest;  except I love Chuck, action/adventure/humor themed TV shows and movies.   I love reading and do a lot of it,  but strangely I read little fiction.   I’m mainly into military history.  Which is reflected in my other hobbies like computer games (strategy like “Civilization” and “War in the Pacific”) and scale model building (WWII aircraft and armor).

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Best known for: Shaw’s Evil Plan, part 6