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Eternally faith-ful at least as it relates to my beloved Los Angeles Lakers. Yes that's where the username comes from. Other than that self-professed Chuckaholic, Laker blogger and part time internet addict. Ok, full time.

Live at NerdHQ with Yvonne!

Panel starts out with Zac saying that Yvonne came to SD specifically to come to this conversation. She wanted to know why he was sitting so far away (coz he’s a moderator). So he moved closer (see photo). Q: if … Continue reading

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Chuck-aholics Give Back

Our good friends at WeGiveAChuck (#notanielsenfamily fame) has a new challenge for all of us. For Chuck’s January 27th anniversary (anniversary of the finale), they are asking all of us to take part in giving back to our communities in … Continue reading

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A favor from a friend

Every once in awhile we transverse through the imaginary–fiction if you will–to something more. This is one of those times. If you believe in luck or are inclined to pray, please send some good (vibrations) my way. I’m in the … Continue reading

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Where’s Chuck?!

Update: Chuck will be available November 1st. Earlier than we thought. Rewatch party! More here. ——– Back in January, it was announced that Chuck was going to be on Netflix. If you’re like me, you’ve been checking almost daily for … Continue reading

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#Chuck vs. The 6th Year Anniversary Rewatch

(Quick reminder: the rewatch begins at 9ET. You can talk about it here, or on twitter–trend #Chuck.) Wow 6 years, and always near and dear to our hearts. It’s been 19 months and 4 weeks since Chuck’s series finale and 6 … Continue reading

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Chuck is coming to Netflix!

From Yahoo: “This unprecedented agreement brings to Netflix members earlier and more exclusively than ever before complete previous seasons of some of the most prominent and successful shows on network and cable television,” Ted Sarandos, Netflix chief content officer, said … Continue reading

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Reader’s Digest Rewatch: The You Saved Me, So The Charleses-es Are Feelin’ Good Arc Part 1

Apart from this [probably] being our longest title, it’s probably also our toughest one. 6 episodes, all from the highly volatile, endlessly contestable season 3: Chuck Versus the Final Exam Chuck Versus the American Hero Chuck Versus the Other Guy … Continue reading

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Reader’s Digest Rewatch: The Who Are These People Arc

When we last met, we got to know Sarah a bit deeper. Joe’s Reader’s Digest Review of Cougars and Delorean was superb, not just in reflection of two favorites, but also in setting up these next three: Santa Claus, 3D … Continue reading

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Reader’s Digest Rewatch: The Intro Arc

As an aside, in case you didn’t know what “reader’s digest” rewatch means…in the past, Reader’s Digest (the magazine) would print abridged versions of bestselling books in a collection called “Reader’s Digest Bestsellers.” I admit I’ve read one or two … Continue reading

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I’ll tell you something about me: I’ve never been in love. At least not the once in a lifetime, you’re forever changed kind of love. I’ve had relationships, but none with that. And it’s because I believe I’ve never chosen … Continue reading

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